Surfing and quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is not something I know much about, other than that it’s the study of energy and interactions at the atomic and sub atomic level, and that things in quantum mechanics behave very differently to how things behave in classical physics, … Read More

The Rule of Threes: My Surf Progression Theory

My philosophy of how we learn to surf, kite and sup. Progression is fundamental when it comes to surf sports. Yes, reconnecting with nature, getting your dose of vitamin D, meeting great people and travel are all wonderful facets of … Read More

Norway: The next frontier

I’ve just come back from the Stavanger region of Norway, and let me tell you it was a real eye opener. For a while now I’ve been longing for empty rugged wilderness over tropical surf trips and Norway must surely … Read More

The Cribbar, 16th December 2016
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Last Friday, mainland Britain’s favourite ‘big wave’, The Cribbar, woke from its slumber, came barging down the stairs, and started throwing its weight around like an angry bear. The Cribbar (named after the Cornish word for ‘ploughed reef’, alluding to … Read More

Surf fitness for those that can’t get to the sea.

What’s the biggest obstacle in learning to surf? Popping up? Reading the waves? Balance? Turning? None of the above. I would say the biggest obstacle to overcome is fitness, or the lack of, when it comes to surf specific fitness. … Read More

Quick surf tip: always look one step ahead

I might look a bit startled in this pic, but I’m focussing on the wave ahead. When people learn to surf, a lot of the time their eyes are fixed down at what their feet are doing, or the water … Read More

Ocean Confidence Course: 6th-7th February 2016

The Ocean Confidence Course for kitesurfs, surfes and SUP’ers returns for 2016. Combining classic surfing knowledge and technique with proper sports science, this course will help you develop your knowledge, technique and fitness for the sports you love. Based in Newquay, 6th and 7th December, limited to six places.

#DoOrDie: Overcome Fear in kitesurfing

Here’s a transcript of an article I wrote for IKSURF Mag earlier this year. It’s all about facing fears that prevent you from pushing your personal limits and can be applied to kitesurfing, surfing, SUP, public speaking, or just about … Read More

Total Immersion Autumn 2015: Kitesurf Holiday (with a bit of SUP and Surf too)

Dates: 4th till 9th October Focus: Waveride kitesurfing, with SUP and surfing as back up activities Minimum skill requirements: Kitesurf – must be able to comfortably ride upwind and have a desire to learn to ride waves. Surf and SUP, … Read More

Total Immersion: Improvers Surf Coaching Week, 15th – 19th June

How does five days of guided surfing, SUPing, body surfing, trying new surfboards, discovering new beaches, learning new techniques, video coaching, meeting cool people and having an all round amazing time under the mid summer Cornish sun sound to you? … Read More

Timeline: How long it takes to stand up paddle with power and efficiency, and what happens to your body along the way.

  Here’s an article I wrote for SUP International Magazine last year on the ‘head and body’ changes that occur in someone when they take up stand up paddling. I was inspired to write this after watching how my students … Read More

SUP lessons at Fistral Beach: the benefits of open water learning

Five words that you don’t often string together! Probably because Fistral Beach doesn’t represent what some people might think of as the ideal sup learning location – being that it’s exposed to wind and swells, is surrounded by rocks and … Read More

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