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The most relaxed you can ever be

Not everyone knows this, but the snorkelling around Cornwall is sublime. 

During June and July the ocean around Newquay is sparkling clear with visibility in excess of 10 meters on some days. Underwater you can expect to come nose to nose with curious colourful wrasse, see silver flashes of bass over the kelp, watch spider crabs going about their business and swim through swirling shoals of pilchards. Don't be alarmed if the seal shows up; he's really just like a curious dog in a wetsuit. ​Snorkelling is relaxing and absorbing. Letting the currents gently drift you over the ever-changing world below is a feeling that will stay with you for a long time. 

No experience necessary, though you will need to be comfortable with wearing a mask and snorkel and having your face in the water. 


  • One to one £120

  • Two to one £150

  • Three to one £180

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