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Two-day SUP touring and technique clinics

These courses are designed to set you firmly on the path to becoming an independent coastal water paddler. Be prepared to push your personal boundaries and meet physical and mental challenges in excess of what you’d normally encounter on a sup lesson; but to also enjoy far greater rewards that will remain with you forever.  

You will learn about how to paddle in various wind conditions, how to improve your balance in different sea states, how to choose a good touring route and how to stay safe and think dynamically on the water. You’ll also gain an understanding of navigation, tides, weather systems and passage planning.  

You will also be given access to sup equipment that is radically different from ‘learner inflatable boards’. SUP touring boards are sleek, fast load carriers that can handle very rough water and enable you to explore much further and in conditions that would be unsuitable on more rudimentary boards.  

Day one:  Technique and Familiarisation  

Day one is all about equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need in an enclosed water on stable boards so that you can react instinctively and effectively when we venture out into more challenging waterways on day two. We cover:  

  • Basic and touring paddle strokes and board control techniques 

  • Self-rescue and peer-assist drills  

  • Making progress in wind and current 

  • Progression from stable beginner boards to touring boards  

  • Overview of tides and weather systems affecting paddlers 

  • A paddler’s physical and neurological adaptations to SUP  

Day two:  Route Planning and Open Water  

On day two we start planning and preparing for our mini-exped focussing on equipment, ourselves, and the conditions. We work towards becoming our own risk technicians which is a mindset that can be applied to many sports and situations. And of course, we go out on a jaw-dropping paddle into nature!  

  • Planning a suitable ocean SUP route according to conditions and personal ability  

  • Reading sea charts, understanding tides and navigation for paddlers  

  • Identifying risks and planning contingencies and exit routes  

  • The effect of stress on performance and decision making on the water 

  • Equipping and preparing for an ocean SUP route 

  • Going on an ocean SUP tour!  

  • Reflecting on the planning and experience of the tour 


One to one: £390

One to one 1 day: £250

Two or more: £250 per person.

For three or more people we use two guides. 

Includes all equipment, snacks and drinks and two days tuition and guiding. 

Timings and locations: 

1000 till 1600. Meet your SUP guides here at Surf Sanctuary at 1000 on the first day of your course. Day one will most likely be at the River Gannel, day two will be at the most suitable location for an epic adventure paddle in Cornwall. We transport the boards, kit, and even yourself if you are without a vehicle. 

Ratios and minimum requirements: 

We take a maximum of three people per guide. Because this is a 'zero to hero' type course and completely adaptable to your ability there are no physical requirements beyond what we ask of in our normal lessons. Due to the in-depth course content you should have a strong desire to learn new skills and take on information and to apply these accordingly. 


At Surf Sanctuary we are committed to your safety and well-being.  

As your guides we are experienced water users and stand up paddlers with many years of coaching, exploring and interacting with the Cornish coastline. We hold current lifesaving and first aid qualifications and teach full-time year-round in many aspects of ocean sports.  

Our equipment is well-maintained and designed and proven to perform well in excess of the demands that will be placed on it during your mini-exped. Boards and paddles are rugged, ocean going designs, wetsuits and boots are 5mm so warmth is assured. Buoyancy aids are issued according to bodyweight and are designed for commercial use.  

We have many locations to choose from, all of which we know very well from entry and exit points, escape routes, rest stops, wind exposure and tidal flow. We will only present you with locations that we are sure will be suitable for you and your party according to the timings and conditions.  

Your guides carry waterproof VHF, mobile phones, outdoor first aid kits, rescue lines and are trained in extracting casualties from the littoral zone.  

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