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Go Full Send

Ocean Confidence Course: Courses

Step up // 3rd June // 1st July

Full day, £150 pp

Everyone knows it: pushing yourself in bigger surf gets you a first class ticket on the dopamine express. But 'charging' in critical conditions also comes with great personal responsibility. 

Dom created the Ocean Confidence Course (OCC) in 2011 on the back of several years constant surf, SUP and kitesurf travel culminating in a sojourn on Maui to learn from the then head lifeguard and one of the few people to whom the 'waterman' description is valid, Archie Kalepa (@peahi20ft). 

The OCC has evolved as new techniques have developed and new information has filtered through the Surf Sanctuary; many of the core philosophies and practical processes have been published in ocean sports publications. Today the course stands on a foundation of solid natural science, hard won experience and proven methods. 

This is a course for surfers, kitesurfers and SUP surfers looking for the glory of challenging conditions and for ocean sports coaches who want to expand skill set and teaching philosophies to enhance their own lessons and to bring new ideas back to their centres. 

The OCC covers but is not limited to: 

  • The three pillars of your 'ocean self': cognitive, neurological, physiological, how to stock-take your own abilities and develop in a targeted way.

  • Wipeout survival. Understand the mechanics, most likely scenarios, and the best approaches to self-extraction. 

  • How to go 'full send'. Hesitation at the last nanosecond is the enemy and the preparation to overcome this starts days or weeks before. 

  •  Understand the science behind fear and how to make your own plan to inoculate yourself against the negative effects of stress. 

  • The Dynamic Ocean. Learn how to read swell patterns, tidal shears and local conditions so that you an predict how your session will unfold. 

What it looks like

The OCC is based on two water sessions sandwiching on land theory sessions. 
The water sessions will give you chance to dig in and try new skills in a safe way that you can replicate on any body of water. This is a training day under full control, we will not be throwing you into dangerous surf! 

We make best use of the conditions and coastline right in front of the Surf Sanctuary: Fistral, Little Fistral, Cribbar Headland and The Gazzle. The location is unmatched for this sort of training. 

Example day plan

0900 - meet up, sort parking, drop kit off. Orientation walk around our 'zone'

1000 - water session 1. Prone or sup paddle / focus on paddle technique, board skills and handling / using rips / navigating rocks and surges / tidal sheers / transit lines / line up markers 

1200 - rest and replenish. Theory sessions on: 'three pillars' of the ocean self / science of fear / surf science and wave mechanics 

1400 - water session 2. Wipeout and board recovery simulations / getting in without a board / surviving rocks / getting in and out of surging surf zones / paddling different boards (i.e. gun, step up, rescue board) 

1600 - breathing techniques. Understand the real triggers that make you want to breath / on-land wipeout simulations / breath hold methods / preserving oxygen and reducing panic

1700 - home time :) 

Can I do this? 

If you're motivated to read this far, then most likely! You will already be a water sports enthusiast with a chosen discipline(s); this is important to benefit from the contextual learning of the course. Your level within that sport is not important however. 

In terms of physical exertion, you put in as much as you want to. We will be paddling, swimming, and doing some jumping in an environment that gives us the right amount of water movement. You won't be asked to perform in heavy breaking surf or be exposed to undue risk. 

This course is designed to push your psychological limits and to give you new physical and technical skills rather than a 'beasting'. We do not learn when we are too stressed, as my great friend and water safety expert Mark Kelly says, this is 'challenge by choice'. Nothing is compulsory, all water based modules are contained with the option to rest at any moment. 


Wetsuit, board, towel, hat, sunnies, any kit you want us to take a loot at etc...and some packed lunch or money for snacks. 

To book or q's

Click here to book your place online. Get in touch with any q's, we're here to talk with you. 

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