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Ocean Confidence Course: Courses


One-to-One, 3 hours, £150 

At Surf Sanctuary we are uniquely positioned in terms of experience and geography to deliver quality, effective ocean confidence training. 

Surf Sanctuary owner Dom Moore has been delivering ocean confidence training since 2012, originally to kitesurfers looking to improve their confidence and performance in surf. For the past few years, the OCC has been expanded to train surfers, paddleboarders, military units, and recreational water users all seeking to address specific concerns. 

We identify your personal annd specific suite of concerns and then develop a clear, time-bound plan to overcoming them. Our approach mixes psychology and education with practical, controlled immersion into the ocean environment. 

Sample session: 


  • The anatomy of a wipeout

  • Your own cognitive, physical and neurological surfing / ocean sport values (and how to get them)

  • Identifying triggers and extinguishing fears


  • Understanding and predicting the natural forces that act upon the coastline

  • A practical session in the environment and conditions you wish to train for e.g. surf zone, rip currents. open water, under water...

  • Entry, exit, positioning and movement in the water

  • Self-rescue and recovery techniques and skills 

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