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  • One to one £120

  • Two to one £150

  • Three to one £180

  • Four to one £200

  • Five to eight £45 per person

  • Eight plus £40 per person

  • Available all year round

  • We provide 5mm C-Skins wetsuits and suitable surfboards

  • More choice of start times

  • 2 hr session 

  • Lesson tempo is set for you

Bespoke Surf sessions are for individuals, couples, friends, parent and child and family groups that would like their own tailored lesson. 

The Bespoke Surf is our most popular activity and since 2014 we have delivered thousands of excellent sessions to very happy surfers! Most surf schools prioritise group lessons as they are more profitable. However, at Surf Sanctuary we lead on Bespoke Surf sessions because tailored tuition is simply the best way to learn, and it represents the best value for you, our client. This is why we have such a strong retention of returning clients who have been surfing and learning with us for years. 

Everything on a Bespoke Surf session is tuned to your requirements. We can cover a pre-surf mobilisation and warm up that works specifically for you and serves a genuine purpose instead of aimless running around on the beach. We cover the technical points that matter to you e.g. equipment choice and set up, the interaction of natural elements on the surf conditions, how to 'read' the surf zone and work with the crowd. 

Our team are life-long surfers with a huge knowledge bank to draw from. We don't fill the lesson with hot air and second-hand psuedo-science. At Surf Sanctuary you benefit from professional tuition with coaches who are committed  to your progression and enjoyment of surfing. We teach a huge range of ages and abilities all year-round and can't wait to welcome you along. 

We can offer you a wider choice of start times (maybe you'd like a sunrise or sundowner session?) and can provide a more focused learning experience - ideal if you think that you'll have different needs to clients on a standard group lesson. 

Bespoke lessons are the best option for those that want to learn to surf.

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I've never surfed before. Is the Bespoke Surf right for me? It is the best option for you if you have never surfed before. There is no quicker way to learn than with focussed, bespoke tuition. I've had a few lessons so am not a complete beginner. Should I go for a group lesson instead? No. Group lessons always run at the level of the weakest / newest participant and you will not get the attention and targetted learning you need to progress. A one-to-one Bespoke Surf gives you chance to learn from your coach without distractions or competition for their time. I want to learn with my friend / partner / family member, but we are at different levels. Depending on how far apart you are in skills, we can usually take two people who know each other well. In an extreme scenario, say if one of you has never surfed at all and the other wants to learn an air-reverse, you would be better served with individual one-to-one lessons. But for most people with similar goals but different experience levels, learning with a buddy is a great way to progress. Why are you so sure the Bespoke Surf is the best way to learn? We've been offering these sessions since 2014, and without fail everyone has had an excellent time. Around 90% of our bespoke surfers return to surf with us again; that is an incredibly high return rate in this industry. 

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