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2 hours. Scroll down for FAQs

Jump, climb, swim, let the sea pick you up and take you for a ride...coasteering is an instant rush and you don’t need any experience, just a thirst for adventure. You will be kitted out with full safety gear and our guides will help you choose your own route and tempo as you traverse the stunning coastline around the headland. If you yearn to get your adrenaline pumping in a natural theme park or just want to explore the coastline from a totally different perspective, you’ll love coasteering.

Coasteering is an excellent way to build confidence in the water and as such is a very rewarding activity for those who are less used to the sea, as well as being a great setting for a family adventure.

Session Structure:

We begin at Surf Sanctuary HQ getting kitted up in wetsuits, buoyancy aids, protective footwear and helmets (all of which is provided and included in the session price), before taking a casual stroll over to our adventure playground, The Gazzle. Once there, we assemble on land as your coasteer leader begins with a safety brief covering the pertinent techniques and points of coasteering. Then, once the final equipment checks are done, we make our way into the water.

What follows next depends on the conditions, tide height and group dynamics, but you can expect just the right amount of frission and a lot of fun adventure. Skills and techniques you will learn include defensive swimming, shallow water entry and exit, deep water entry and exit, traversing, scrambling, and of course, jumping.


All sessions are bespoke

  • One to one £100

  • Two to one £150

  • Three to one £180 

  • Four to one £200 

  • Five plus £50 per person


Is it dangerous? There is a perception of risk and that's what makes coasteering exciting, but in reality you are protected from harm by your guides, equipment, and water all around you. What if I don't like heights? Jumping into the water is not mandatory, and if you wish to skip all of the chances to jump you can easily do so without leaving the group. My kids want to jump but I'm worried Everyone is shown the correct way to jump and enter the water, and we start off low - think jumping in from the side of a swimming pool. Only participants who demonstrate correct technique are invited to use higher jumps. Do I need to be a strong swimmer? A basic ability to swim is necessary but high endurance levels or great technique is not; you are supported with your buoyancy aid and wetsuit in salty water, so propulsion is easily achieved with very little effort and you don't have to waste energy treading water. What's the minimum age you take? Kids as young as 6 have enjoyed coasteering with us; we moderate the sessions accordingly. As long as the wetsuit and buoyancy aids fit and will do their job, fun can be had. What if I want to stop halfway? All along the route there are exit points, as well as places to have a rest. How do your guides keep people safe? Our guides are experienced coasteerers and lifeguards and bring with them waterproof first aid kit, VHF radio, throw / tow lines, Peterson tube and we run with very low client to guide ratios. 

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