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Big on science, short on gimmicks £50 / hour

With: Dom Moore, Level 3 PT, BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences

At Surf Sanctuary, head coach Dom Moore delivers personal training with his innovative, clear-sighted approach.

Dom's sessions are built around solid systems that are easy to understand and soon result in positive feedback loops.

The outcome is an effective, exhilarating workout journey that promotes strong, effortless client adherence. 
Specialising in functional movement and dynamic bodyweight exercises, Dom's training sessions are set against the stunning backdrop of Fistral Beach and the majestic Headland Hotel grounds, or within the energizing confines of K2 gym.

Each session is meticulously crafted and the purpose is clear: to improve all aspects of physical and mental fitness and significantly enhance performance in outdoor free-sports.
Adopting a scientifically informed method, Dom tunes each session to the individual's unique fitness goals. The adventure begins with an in-depth consultation to craft a bespoke mission statement, aligning with personal goals and lifestyle preferences.
Big on science, short on gimmicks, these hour-long sessions are a potent mix of excitement and efficiency, maximizing gains while minimizing the grind.

Hour long sessions are available 7 days a week, to get started click the button below or contact Dom on 07540 155123 or

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