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Course Dates // 2023


Price: £250

Location: Surf Sanctuary

7th - 8th October  0900 - 1600​

Course info download


Price: £250

Location: Surf Sanctuary

14th - 15th October 11 - 1900​

Course info download 

BSUPA Instructor Training: Courses


The following skills are pass or defer components of the courses. Test yourself in advance of attending a course using a tracking app and a phone in a dry case. If you are unable to make the required time, contact us.  

BSUPA Level 1 

Paddle 400m in 3 minutes 45 seconds. 

Demonstrate efficient paddle stroke. 

Perform nose and tail sweep turns. 

BSUPA Level 2 

Paddle 400m in 3 minutes. 

Prone paddle 200m in moderate conditions. 

Demonstrate catch, power, and recovery phases of paddle stroke. 

BSUPA SUP Surf Coach

Paddle out in shoulder high surf.

Take off left and right.

Perform basic turn.

Exit wave under control. 

BSUPA Instructor Training: Courses

Further info //

NEXT STEPS: Register your interest on a course by calling or emailing us today. We will issue you a course overview and paddle skills requirement list. 

Candidates usually bring their own SUP kit and wetsuit though these can be rented from Surf Sanctuary. 


Successful completion of Level 1 qualifies you to work as an instructor in a BSUPA accredited school. 
REMIT: Wind < 15mph / Current < 2 mph / Chop < ankle height / Ratio 6:1 / 30-50m from shore

Level 2 qualifies you to work as a senior instructor in a BSUPA accredited school or to apply for BSUPA accreditation to run your own school.
REMIT:  Wind < 15mph / Current < 2 mph / Chop < ankle height / Ratio 6:1 or 10:2 with suitable assisstant / 30-50m from shore or further with rescue boat cover / Distance - 6km from base

Surf Coach qualification allows you to teach one-to-one, or up to four people in a clinic / surf camp setting. 

Level 1 candidates will need a valid first aid qualification, BSUPA memership and to complete shadow hours to gain certification. 
Level 2 and Surf Coach candidates will need a valid first aid qualification and suitable rescue qualification, and BSUPA membership to gain certifiation. 

The minimum age to attend a course is 16. Instructors must be 18 and over to lead groups on their own. 

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