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Full day, one-to-one guided experience

  • £250 full day

  • High end speargun and dedicated spearfishing equipment provided

  • Dive two spots in one day

Previous spearfishing experience required, this is a hunter guiding service, not an apnea training service. 

Picture the scenario: you're a spearo and are on holiday in Cornwall without a) any expectation as to how enticing and fishy the water looks, b) any knowledge of the multi-faceted coastline and local wind, tide and sea effects, and c) any of your kit!

At Surf Sanctuary we offer a guiding service for such emergencies, supplying you with a guide brimming with local knowledge and enthusiasm, and a full spearo set. 

Spearfishing in Cornwall involves navigating a virtual labyrinth of tides, winds, sea floors, viz, and other factors particular to the week in question. A catch is not guaranteed (the local fishmonger is best for that!) but a beautiful dive through a stunning Cornish wilderness is assured with colourful wrasse, curious seals, thorn-back rays and dogfish adding to the local culture. 

Expect shore dives, shallow-water hunting and most of the life to be within 10m depth. Bass, open water mullet, pollack are often on offer along with plaice, red mullet and cuttlefish; bring home some wild Atlantic fish to the family and really put the exclamation point on your holiday. 

Guided Spearfishing: Courses
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