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A Naturally Scientific Approach

Surf Sanctuary introduces our cutting-edge Surf Fitness offer, a fusion of expert personal training and innovative online programs, designed to keep you in peak condition throughout winter. Spearheaded by Dom Moore, our head coach with a surfing pedigree dating back to the mid-90s, this program is your gateway to superior surf readiness.
Dom's journey across global surf spots and extensive training experience with diverse clients enriches our program with a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between mind and body in surfing. His approach is more than just physical training; it's a naturally scientific method, refined through his BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences and Level 3 Personal Trainer certification. This unique perspective ensures that every workout not only enhances your physical prowess but also aligns with the natural rhythms and demands of surfing.
Whether it's in-person training outdoors from Surf Sanctuary,  indooors at the K2 gym in Newquay or through our bespoke online modules, you'll experience a holistic preparation for your next surf adventure.
Our Surf Fitness offer isn't just about staying in shape; it's about a comprehensive, scientifically-backed journey to mental and physical readiness for the waves.
Join us at Surf Sanctuary, where complete fitness meets surfing, naturally and scientifically.

Surf Fitness: Projects


One-to-One Personal Training and Surf Fitness Programming 

Surf Fitness Personal Training: £50 per hour​

  • With head coach Dom Moore

  • 20 + years coaching experience

  • REPS Level 2 and 3

  • BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences

Remote Programmes: 

Bespoke Surf Fitness Development

  • Customized 8-week program

  • High level of support

  • Weekly phone/video check-ins

  • Tailored specifically to your individual fitness level, exercise preferences, and surfing goals, ensuring a personalised approach to improve your surfing performance.

  • Weekly Personalised Reviews: Includes two 30-minute remote review sessions for in-depth progress analysis and program adjustments, ensuring the program evolves with your improvements and stays aligned with your goals.

  • Adaptable to Available Resources: Whether you have a full home gym or minimal equipment, the program is designed to utilize what you have effectively, making it versatile and practical.

  • Goal-Oriented Training: Focused on achieving specific objectives, whether it's increasing paddle strength, enhancing wave riding agility, or boosting overall endurance, the program aligns with your distinct surfing aspirations.

  • £250

Fit To Surf

  • 8-week self-study programme

  • 2x phone/video check-ins

  • Built for beginners: Specifically designed for individuals new to surfing and exercise programmes, focusing on foundational fitness elements essential for surfing such as balance, core strength, and endurance.

  • Comprehensive Fitness Approach: Covers all key areas – strength training, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and balance exercises – to ensure a well-rounded preparation for surfing.

  • Easy-to-Follow, Home-Based Workouts: No need for specialized gym equipment or facilities; all exercises can be performed at home with minimal equipment, making it convenient and accessible.

  • Guided Instruction and Support: Includes detailed workout plans, session overviews and video demonstrations

  • £80

Overhead Surf Fit

  • 8-week self-study programme

  • 3x phone/video check-ins 

  • Targeted Fitness Improvement: Designed specifically for experienced surfers and exercisers, this program focuses on enhancing key surfing-related fitness components like muscular power, speed, core strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mobility during the off-season.

  • Performance athletic conditioning: Effective neuro-muscular exercises address body imbalances, develop balance, agility, coordination and accuracy. This translates to precise, dynamic surfing. 

  • Progressive Workouts: Adaptable to various fitness levels with progressions and modifications on review. The strength component evolves over the 8 weeks to develop muscular technique, endurance, hypertophy, strength, and finally power.

  • £120

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