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Overhead Surf Fit

  • 8Weeks
  • 30Steps


Welcome ocean athlete, you have just made an excellent commitment to your physical and mental fitness! Over the next 8 weeks you will be developing your physiological, neurological and psychological performance. I’m a big fan of these workouts and will happilty forgo an average surf session to get one in, and it transforms the dark winter months. In my experience, OSF training builds great confidence and strength in the water so you can live in a constant ‘state of readiness’ for any oceanic challenge: be that paddling to the Isles of Scilly, competing in a national SUP race, or stepping up to the biggest swells of winter. OSF is all about movement and output. Each session begins with a pulse-raiser and mobility segment before compound lifts to develop true athletic performance. Then it's on to neuro-conditioning to enhance balance, coordination, resilience, and body symmetry. The metcon follows next: 15 minutes of psychological and physiological stress inoculation. The workout winds down with core activation and maintenance mobility movements. We don’t use resistance machines with seats that support our entire bodyweight, removing all requirement for balance, proprioception, coordination and agility. There's no time for screen-gazing between sets! You may notice your workouts look different to most other people who are in the gym training for aesthetics. We’re training to prepare the body and mind so that we can excel in one of the most hostile places on Earth. -8 weeks -3x 55 minute sessions per week -3x phone/video check-ins -requires functional gym equipment -develops strength, VO2 max, agility, speed, balance, power, coordination Sample overview: Warm up: 2 mins cardio, dynamic mobility Compound: ascending pyramid of front squats, deadlifts, or thrustsers Neuro-conditioning: single-leg and unilateral lifts Met-con: 15 mins HIIT / lifts Core: static holds Warm down.

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