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Fit To Surf

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You have made an excellent decision to 'live the life' and get fit for your surfing adventures. You will enjoy the benefits of feeling your mind and body becoming more capable, and knowing that you are the agent of this amazing change. The Fit To Surf programme is based on a training system that has increased and maintained my surf fitness for months at a time over many years. It's a great programme for when time and exercise equipment are in short supply. You can split the workout into two smaller parts (warm up and compound, superset and core and cooldown) to fit around your day. All you need is some space and basic equipment. I like to do these workouts outside in winter and in the cold, dark and rain. It gives you a great blast of freshness and some good psychological conditioning for the challenges of UK surfing. Fit To Surf develops neurological surf fitness by challenging balance, speed, coordination and agility. It developsphysiological fitness by forging a strong base of cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. There is no time wasted on irrelevant isolation or supposed simulation movements that bear no relevance to surfing - Fit To Surf is all killer and no filler! 8-weeks 3x 45 minute sessions / week 2x phone/video check-ins Needs little equipment Sample session: Warm up: 2 mins cardio, dynamic stretching Compound: 4 x straight sets of squat, thruster, press ups Supersets: 4 x bodyweight / cardio Core: 2 x static holds Warm down.

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