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Available September till May only

  • ​One to one: £250

  • Two to one: £350

  • Full day surf experience

  • Immerse yourself in surfing

  • Try new equipment

  • Learn with your experienced coach

The Specialist Surf sessions draw upon decades of coaching and free surfing across many disciplines and in many locations and are only possible because of our deep surfing experience. 

We work on the three areas of progression in surfing - knowledge, technique, fitness -  and look at how we can develop in each area. 

You may be preparing for a surf trip overseas, or looking to surf with more dynamism and speed, or wanting to step up to bigger surf. Or you may be right at the start of your surfing journey and keen for a more in-depth training experience than a regular lesson could offer. 

Expect two water sessions, plenty of theory, the chance to try different surfboards and the most immersive surf coaching available. 

Specialist Surf: Courses
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