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The Simplest Nutrition Plan On Earth

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If you are looking for a weight-management or weight-loss solution to augment your surf fitness trajectory, give this a read. This plan takes what you already know about healthy eating and uses it to create a meal planner that removes all the risks of 'seat-of-your-pants' meal planning, We use the 'great grandma test' to create a list of foods, then schedule them in to a weekly planner of breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening grazing. It is based on the premise that obtaining a good macronutrient (carbs, proteins, fats) balance will yield much better results than getting caught up with the latest micronutrient or 'superfood' life-hack. The Simplest Nutrition Plan On Earth is easy to follow since you create it yourself from foods you like, eating at times that suit you. This promotes great adherence so healthy eating soon becomes habit. Then the positive feedback loops of increased energy, restored losses, weight management start. This plan is a great one-two combo to run alongside one of our 8-week surf fitness plans to get your fitness gains on a nice, steep trajectory.

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