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Tranquil and beautiful

Dawn and Dusk Surf: Courses


Beat the crowds

  1. One to one £120

  2. Two to one £150

  3. Three to one £180 

  4. Four to one £200

  1. Available during high summer

  2. Mellow and relaxed - beat the crowds!

  3. Experience Fistral Beach at its most spectacular

  4. Start or finish your day the best way

Bespoke sunrise and sunet surf sessions are for individuals, couples, friends, parent and child and family groups that would like their own tailored lesson.

If you want to start your day learning to surf whilst experiencing the beauty of the first light of the day, then why not try a dawn surf lesson?

Beat the crowds and experience Fistral at its most beautiful. Or if early mornings are not your thing, then maybe a surf at dusk is for you. Make the most of the longer warmer evenings whilst experiencing the sunet from the most prime location - the water!

Some of our surf coaches are larks, and some are owls. Between us, we can offer you a beautiful surfing experience that compliments your circadian rhythm. 

Interestingly, the ocean's temperature doesn't vary much throughout the day. So you'll get to experience warm water waves without the crowds this summer. Something of a rarity in today's surfing world!

Like all Surf Sanctuary lessons, all equipment is provided and you can use our excellent facilities at our base in the Headland Hotel.  

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