Want to get the lungs your brain deserves? Breathe with me!

Want to get the lungs your brain deserves? Breathe with me!

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Today we’re going to look at increasing lung capacity. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well are your lungs too big already? Would you rather decrease their capacity and get less oxygen into your brain? Thought not 🙂

Lungs get oxygen into your bloodstream and get carbon dioxide out. Healthy lungs will allow you to train harder, stay underwater for longer, survive wipeouts in more comfort, shout louder, inflate balloons faster…there are many reasons for increasing the capacity of the primary respiratory organs.

The best thing about training your lungs is that you can do it while sitting in front of the TV. My friend George Noble does it whilst driving his car but he’s a Scott and thus has a higher resistance to giddy spells that may result.

So find yourself a bit of quiet time, get comfortable and relaxed, and do the following:

–  Hold your breath for 45 seconds

– Breathe for 60 seconds

– Hold your breath for 60 seconds

– Breathe for 60 seconds

– Hold your breath for 75 seconds…breathe for 60…hold for 90…breathe…finished!

The breath hold numbers are arbitrary, I would suggest your first breath hold should be as long as you can make it. You’ll notice the breath hold numbers increase, you may be thinking that’s impossible – but what’s happening is your body is quickly adjusting to low oxygen levels, and your fourth breath hold will likely be twice as long as your first, and feel more comfortable.

If you do this exercise at bed time, you’ll find it helps you get to sleep quicker since it lowers your heart rate. If you do it every day for a week, you will be surprised by the results.

It’s free, takes about ten minutes of your time and you can do it in front of the TV or lying in bed. When are you going to get started? 🙂 Let me know how you go in the comments below!

Man in a black wetsuit lying on the sea bed in Cornwall
Breathe underwater

7 Responses

  1. keith

    plenty of free phone apps to help with this one, static apnea trainer.

  2. Dom Moore

    Nice one Keith, always handy for folk to easily keep track of where they are in the exercise.

  3. Matt

    started doing this a while ago before doing some free diving in Egypt…. was amazed how much improvement I got after a few days. From about a minute and a half to my record (in bed – not in the water!) of 4mins 12 secs. Drove the Mrs potty though 😉

    Good wind this weekend – & lots of kiting planned. Hopefully won’t need to test my apnea abilities too much!

    Thanks for the tip on the app…. downloading as I type.

  4. Dom Moore

    4 mins 12 seconds – that’s a very respectable time Matt!!

    Ever do any freediving in the UK?

  5. Phil Keelan

    Hi Dom, been doing this exercise twice a day for two weeks now. What an improvement! A friend recently introduced me to snorkelling for wildfood. I’m totally hooked on being down there, but only running on my own steam. This exercise I think is going to prove invaluable, not to mention the benefits to my everyday training. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. Dom Moore

    Nice one Phil!

    You are on a serious mission with your bushcraft, I’m enjoying your FB updates mate. Have you got a blog? Ever thought about setting one up, perhaps even a Tumblr site? Be good to follow your exploits mate!


  7. Phil Keelan

    Thanks Dom, very kind of you 🙂
    I’ve considered setting up a blog in the near future. I enjoy writing about my adventures and sharing them with everyone. I’m learning new stuff all the time and it’s nice to share this freely too.
    I’m really pleased with the breath holding results mate, two minutes now. That’s doubled my time already.



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