Total Immersion Autumn 2015: Kitesurf Holiday (with a bit of SUP and Surf too)

Total Immersion Autumn 2015: Kitesurf Holiday (with a bit of SUP and Surf too)

Dates: 4th till 9th October

Focus: Waveride kitesurfing, with SUP and surfing as back up activities

Minimum skill requirements: Kitesurf – must be able to comfortably ride upwind and have a desire to learn to ride waves. Surf and SUP, no previous experience required

Upper skill level: Open ended

Location: Newquay and surrounding beaches

Hello crew!

It’s that time of year again when we can start looking forward to our fourth Total Immersion holiday down here in beautiful windy, wavy Cornwall. October is a cracking month to be in the first county of Great Britain; warm seas, quiet beaches, plenty of daylight, and usually, loads of swell and wind and a lot of locations to choose from.

Come and play on the empty green walls of Cornwall...
Come and play on the empty green walls of Cornwall…

Total Immersion is a tried and trusted format for an adventurous kitesurfing, surf and SUP holiday in Cornwall with like-minded people. The main focus of the holiday is kitesurfing, so you’ll already be an ardent kiter with your own kit though do speak to us if you require any items. Wind is never guaranteed anywhere on planet earth (I’ve spent windless weeks in Mauritius and windless months on Maui!) so we have surfing and SUP on reserve if conditions dictate. We’ll run the surf and SUP sessions from our unique Surf Sanctuary base right on the shores of Fistral Beach – it really is an enviable location and just the best place to get stuck into both of these sports. All equipment and tuition will be provided by your coach – me (Dom Moore) and I endeavour to ensure you get the absolute highest level of both. Surfing and SUP are fantastic crossover sports with kitesurfing, so expect the progression to flow into your kiting too.

SUP surfing is one big hoot from start to finish
SUP surfing is one big hoot from start to finish

A life in the day 

When the wind blows, (and even when it doesn’t!) we’ll be up and hitting the best beach for the conditions and for what we want to achieve. Each morning we’ll establish our goals and then look at how we need to achieve them. This is done by a combination of land-based rehearsal, mental rehearsal, visual aids, and demonstrations. The morning session works around a feedback loop between riders and the coaches – focussing on the moves you want to achieve. After a breather for lunch, we’ll get back on the water for a freeride session where you can either work on your technique or just ride for the sheer fun of it.

Progression kitesurfing sessions
Progression kitesurfing sessions

In the evening, we alternate between eating in self-catering style (lots of fun, everyone pitches in!) and going out to eat at one of Newquay’s excellent restaurants. There are bars and pubs for those that have the stamina, though usually we find most people are happy to get a good night’s kip in anticipation of a full-on day on the water the next morning.

Stand up paddle adventures around Newquay's coastline
Stand up paddle adventures around Newquay’s coastline

Total Immersion

The whole theme of Total Immersion is literally to step into a world of ocean adventure. It’s a great feeling to leave everything behind and just let the winds, swells and tides set the pace. There’s always something to do here that will inspire you and capture your senses – Cornwall is very unique and special in that respect. You can expect your personal riding and water confidence to take a significant upswing by the end of the week, and expect to make some great new friends too. Kitesurfing is often (and quite rightly) regarded as the pinnacle of modern watersports but I think it is best appreciated with a side serving of surf and SUP to really understand the deep fundamentals that run through all of these sports, and of course, that means we get five all-time days no matter what’s going on in the sky.

The sunny Autumnal waves of Cornwall
The sunny Autumnal waves of Cornwall


Single person occupancy: £450

Shared (twin) occupancy: £375

Couples: £375 each

Five nights accommodation, daily tuition, all surf and sup rental included.

Questions? Or to book…

Call me (Dom) on 07540 155123, email, or reply here and I’ll answer any questions you have.

To book, we require 50% deposit to secure your booking, balance paid by 18th September.

Join us and blow the top off a couple!
Join us and blow the top off a couple!