Total Immersion: A Cornish kitesurfing holiday

Total Immersion: A Cornish kitesurfing holiday

I am delighted announce the details of Total Immersion, a trip designed to take you away from it all so you can concentrate purely on your kitesurfing at the best locations around Cornwall.

Cornwall kitesurf exploration
Heading down a quiet peninsula in search of somewhere special…

30th-4th October

4 nights 5* self catering

5 days coaching and exploration

6 places

£295 per person based on twin room sharing (and kiting couples)

£350 per person based on single room occupancy

£25 per night supplement for non-kiting other halves who want a holiday 🙂

Early October is the pinnacle of the surfkiting calender in Cornwall. The first of the Autumnal long distance swells are ranging in across the Atlantic, steady tropical maritime winds are fanning the waves and the beaches are once again returning to the slow, mellow tempo that only kitesurfers and the wildlife will know.

Roam through the wilderness

Each day we will go to the best location for the conditions and ride till we get our fill. This is where the knowledge I have built up about the Cornish coastlines (we have two!) over the years comes into play; there are many rare jewels to discover but without an intimate understanding of the elements at play they can easily slip by unnoticed.

People discover that each swell has its own mood when they start tapping into the rhythm and flow. Being free to immerse in the quest of discovering waves with good people for a few days is one of the simplest joys in a kitesurfer’s life.

One of a kiter’s other great pleasures must be looking at a wind and swell forecast in the evening, pouring over a detailed local map and sharing the excitement of the next day on the water with new friends…

The accommodation

Our home base for Total Immersion is  a 5 star self catering home designed from the ground up for the ultimate Cornish holiday experience. After a full day on the water, imagine coming home to a home to the comforts of a hot tub, the highest standards of furniture and homeware, bright open chillout areas, a kitchen with a huge banquet tale, and let’s not overlook the 3D TV with full Sky package, Wi-fi, state of the art audio and visual systems…

I think you will be delighted when you step through the door of our home base after your drive down to Cornwall and contemplate the coming days of Atlantic adventure.

Where we reconvene, relax and recharge…
The feasting table. Hooray!
A space to reflect on that epic 200m right hander…
Votre chambre

A ‘life in the day’ on Total Immersion

We stir at a sociable time for the tides are in our favour this week. Fresh coffee burbles and percolates in the kitchen, juice is poured and breakfast time sizzles into life with the day. Jazz FM bubbles away softly in the background and kitey chatter gently fills the air.

Fuelled up and feeling fresh, the day’s plans are unveiled in the lounge. Via charts and virtual tools, we take a closer look at the location we’ll be heading to; highlighting the conditions we’ll find when we get there, the subtle nuances to know about, how to get the best from the spot and what kit to take (all of it :)) We also cover safety protocol so that everyone is briefed for all eventualities and can ride with more autonomy.

Then we zero in on a wave riding fundamental that can be applied to all our riding. This may be breaking down and visualising a core move that we can all put our own stamp on, or examining some of the essential theories of catching waves by the power of ripstop. These inclusive chats are augmented by excellent visual aids and accepted surfing knowledge.

We leave for the beach and have timed it perfectly with the tides, giving us a huge area to play in with no time constraints. All that’s left to do now is ride as you wish, come to the shore for chats about development if you like, or just revel in the freedom.

After our session we’ll get together for some lunch and a symposium about the day’s riding.  What’s working well? How best to hit that section? After lunch, everyone is free to go for a second free ride session with me or to pursue the rest of the afternoon at their leisure and reconvene at the house later on.

Back at the house the glow of the sun and wind feels great on the skin. Refreshments are cracked open and lifted to thirsty mouths. Hot showers and a hot tub sooth muscles that have played hard. Facebook and Twitter updates are floated out into the ether; photos of sand dunes and cliffs and headlands and waters salted and green. Dinner is at home tonight, a team effort coordinated by the night’s ‘head chef’. Some nights we’ll be dining out at a local restaurant as we watch the sun slipping into Atlantic.

Parlour games, chit chat, kiting and surfing films, music, reading…these are the things that will take us through to a restful and well deserved sleep before we rise and do it all again…

Unravel the secrets of Cornwall’s most technical waves
An open canvass; what lines do you want to paint?
Perfectly formed peaks for the taking
Classic Autumn swells at Watergate Bay, a kitesurfer rides them
A typical (but no less classic!) day in October.
Would you like some of that?

No wind? No worries…

I can’t guarantee you wind, but I can guarantee that no matter what the conditions, after this trip people will feel a greater sense of entitlement and belonging when kiting in surf, a deeper understanding of the swell and waves, and an increase in performance and a desire to do more.

To be in Cornwall in early Autumn on a calm day is a very good thing, for there is a strong likelihood of perfect, clean surf, just the right size if you know where to look, ready for the taking. Or surfing. Or SUPing.

As back up, I have surf and SUP sessions at the best spots on standby. We can score waves, paddle round headlands, up rivers, go exploring…

Ever been coasteering? Again on standby I have the most knowledgeable leader in the area  ready to show us Cornwall from a perspective that only the sea bass and mermaids know…

Out of the water, Cornwall recently received 12km of prime mountain biking singletrack, and it’s free to use 🙂 MAny of the local road biking population have sold up and crossed over to the dirt side so you know it must be good…

Freediving, hiking, bodysurfing, surfing, SUPing, mountain biking, coasteering, surf rafting, kayaking, fishing, exploring, beach BBQ, we’ve got a lot of options to get through if it doesn’t blow!

A light wind day in Cornwall; a good problem to have 🙂
Time to go for a paddle

Anything else?

That’s 1023 words you’ve read through so far so I won’t ask you to do much more, for bookings, all questions, enquiries, requests for further info, anything at all, please call me on 07540 155123, email or leave a comment in the box below.

All the best and see you out back this Autumn!

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