Three Days: A Cornish winter kitesurfing video

Three Days: A Cornish winter kitesurfing video

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It’s time for my annual kitesurfing video release. Coming in at 3 minutes and 34 seconds, three days was filmed over three sessions – Porthleven, Cribbar, and Porthleven again. That last session was in fact yesterday so this is real breaking news stuff! (lol).

I’ve wanted for a while to get a Cribbar wave on video, and ideally some more Porthleven footage, so although I could have waited it out to get a couple more sessions in I thought I’d stick a fork in this one and get it out there and start building content for another video later on. Mike Newman took the kitesurfing footage, and I took the majority of the in between filler clips; this is something I really enjoy doing, going for a ramble and filming interesting things that pertain to the area around the waves.

Kit used for riding includes my 7m and 9.5m Prodigy kites, and trusty Ocean Rodeo Surf Series 5’7 underfoot. You can see in the second section of Levvy footage (with hood, bluer water) that the 9.5m is an inherently stable kite – these are pretty ragged winter winds with lots of holes in them but you can leave the kite to it and worry about the wave.

The opening session at Levvy was in quite warm water and a real joy. That was our first good session of this year. The Cribbar waves are a couple taken from a day recently when I bagged five altogether. It happened around 4pm one day in December, which is why it’s so gloomy looking.

Well, there’s no need for me to keep talking about the video when you can watch it for yourself. Cheers!

Three Days from Dom Moore on Vimeo.