This week at Surf Sanctuary: 21st May 2018

This week at Surf Sanctuary: 21st May 2018

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Wosson crew;

We’re expecting a week of small surfable waves, light winds and fairly clear skies. Monday and Tuesday are dominated by a continental weather system bringing dry air and the a big high swings in from the Atlantic Ocean with a little extra pulse of swell Thursday onward.

What that means in real terms is 2ft of easy surf till Wednesday, ideal for a longboard, SUP or foamie, ramping up to around 3-4ft on Thursday. If the wind swings a little onshore, it should yield some good shortboard-able conditions (as Pepe says, Fistral is always better with a little onshore). Tides are moving to springs, meaning high tide in the late afternoon towards the end of the week which will conspire nicely with the increase in size; get amongst it.

We’re open for hire and lessons, just give us a call before turning up as until half-term kicks in we’ll be on skeleton staff.

This week, for those who are not already acquainted, I want to introduce you to Windguru. There many forecasting sites, often using the same data as one another but for some reason, Windguru seems to be the most accurate at predicting wind, swell, sun and rain when it comes to Cornwall. You can predict with a good degree of certainty up to four days out. Beyond that, you can get a sense of what might be coming your way.

Windguru is not as instantly decipherable as say Magic Seaweed, but it’s a lot lighter to load on your phone or browser, and you get a lot more information very quickly. It only takes a couple minutes to get used to it, here’s a screen shot of today and the next few days. Look at the categories down the left hand side of the image – wind speed, wind direction, wave size, wave period, and wave direction. That’s all your ‘at a glance’ surf forecasting stuff. You can set the units to what ever you prefer.

The rest of the information is ‘weather’ stuff like temperature, humidity, cloud cover, surface pressure. This information is as highly reliable as the surf forecasting information.

Windguru is a very powerful tool for accurate surf forecasting

The boots are off. Mid May brings a few changes with it: BBQ’s, the true end to winter, and wetsuit boots and gloves being banished till the winter. Over the last few years, May’s been the most bankable month (based on my very rough qualitative data!) so if you are able to get down to Cornwall outside of the school holidays, it’s a pretty safe shout. Here’s what it looks like right now…

May. Consistently bright and cheerful.