The best day of the year so far…

The best day of the year so far…

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I’m going to refer back to this post whenever an amazing day turns up this year. Nice thought that isn’t it, that it’s just a matter of a calender flipping over until another magic session arrives?

This one yesterday was pretty special; after so much rain in December, January is bright and blue and the sea is becoming clear again. The last two days have seen excellent offshore surf on the North Coast; Fistral was doing it’s ‘thing’. I’d like to also mention the influence of the new addition to my household – Reb(ecca), my Northern Inuit / Malamute cross. Reb has only been here a few days but is settling in like the plucky little champ she is, and yesterday dozed off nicely in her crate so I could go surfing. When I got back she was awake and playing quietly – a real bonus for these type of dogs for they are very pack orientated and can get a bit ‘wild’! Still, she may have been howling in between times, I really should check with the neighbours lol.

Righteo then, video first, and then some photos of Reb(ecca) if you will allow me the indulgence!

Here are the dog pics, she’s 8 weeks old in the photos. Oh, the crate training’s going very well, that’s if the aim is to train your dog to howl the house down. Just kidding, I’m pleasantly surprised in these early days how it’s all going.

Padding towards me
Check the size of the paws...
Be interesting to try and replicate this photo in a year's time.

Breeze is forecast for the later part of the week, so I reckon we’ll be back to some normal kitesurfing blogginzez soon enough 🙂

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