Ocean Confidence Course: 6th-7th February 2016

The Ocean Confidence Course for kitesurfs, surfes and SUP’ers returns for 2016. Combining classic surfing knowledge and technique with proper sports science, this course will help you develop your knowledge, technique and fitness for the sports you love. Based in Newquay, 6th and 7th December, limited to six places.

Want to get the lungs your brain deserves? Breathe with me!

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Lungs get oxygen into your bloodstream and get carbon dioxide out. Healthy lungs will allow you to train harder, stay underwater for longer, survive wipeouts in more comfort, shout louder, inflate balloons faster…there are many reasons for increasing the capacity of the primary respiratory organs. (May also increase sexual performance).

I’m teaching everything I know about kitesurfing in a FREE clinic

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I’m running a clinic to cover all the unique information I have learned during my years as an editor, instructor trainer, kite tester and swell chaser. If you’ve ever been inspired by an article of mine you’ve read in the kite media, please consider that as just the tip of the iceberg…!