Total Immersion Autumn 2015: Kitesurf Holiday (with a bit of SUP and Surf too)

Dates: 4th till 9th October Focus: Waveride kitesurfing, with SUP and surfing as back up activities Minimum skill requirements: Kitesurf – must be able to comfortably ride upwind and have a desire to learn to ride waves. Surf and SUP, … Read More

Over powered on a 10m kite (video)

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Two days ago, today looked like it would be 10m weather. Then today came, and it turned out to be 7m weather. Not usually a problem on your average beach break but of course ‘today’ we were off to the special reef break with its tight rocky launch, looming harbour wall, dreaded finger of rock just inside the break and of course the actual reef to get dragged over.

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