Surf Sanctuary Kitesurfer’s Ocean Confidence Course

Surf Sanctuary Kitesurfer’s Ocean Confidence Course

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Last weekend I ran the first Kitesurfer’s Ocean Confidence Course of 2013, and it was a real blast. I cap numbers on this course to six people, so due to demand I have set up another course to run in May.

Date: 11th / 12th May 2013

Duration: 11th – 09.30am – 5pm. 12th – 09.30am – 1pm. 

Cost: £160 per person

Location: Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay is the spiritual home of kitesurfing in the UK, offering truly world class conditions and consistency. The training facilities at the Watergate Bay complex are simply peerless and this is the best location I can think of to hold the Kitesurfer’s Ocean Confidence Course.

A kitesurfer in big waves at Watergate Bay
Riding in larger surf presents one of the most rewarding experiences you can obtain with a kite. Learn how to plan your bigger wave campaign this year.

This course is for: 

Kitesurfers who want to really get under the skin of what’s going on in the ocean. If you are planning a trip abroad or have an eye on somewhere in the UK with potentially challenging conditions, this proven course will get you to where you need to be.

Expect to make big gains in water confidence, being your own risk technician, and becoming a more fluid and knowledgeable rider in waves.

Watergate Bay is a kitesurfing Mecca. Shot taken on a cosy hollow part way down the cliffs.


You should expect to learn a lot. We will cover a lot of ground, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A sessions. For the practical elements, you will never be put into a situation outside of your comfort zone. This course is to train you, not to scare you, but you will have a lot of fun.

The private training suite at Watergate Bay is the ultimate ocean sports class room. and exclusively ours for this weekend.
Using Bng Maps (clearer than Google Maps) to plan an assault on a point break
Using all available resources to plan an assault on a point break.

In the class room you will learn the theory of:

Tide mechanics and what they mean to water users

Rips currents; different types and how to identify them

How swell is formed, and what the ‘numbers’ mean when it turns up on your beach

Waves; the anatomy of a wave and the various types

Surf breaks; the differences between points, beaches, reefs, slabs, and where to find them

How to choose the right beach for your ability and the predicted conditions

Etiquette in the surf zone, and interacting with locals and visitors alike

And in your wetsuit you will learn how to:

How to do a full site assessment of a surf beach

Read swell and waves

Swim out properly through surf and body surf back in

Deal with heavy kitesurfing wipeouts – both when the kite stays in the sky and when it falls!

Safely get a board out through surf and paddle it around the surf zone

Escape rips and use them to your advantage

Develop your lung capacity and breathing techniques in wipeout situations

Plan escape routes and self rescue using various pieces of equipment, or none at all!


We will also cover specific kitesurf waveriding skills and manoeuvres  and take a close look at a classic waveriding break so you know what to look for and how to approach such places.

Long waves peel onto Daymer Bay beach
This is a convex refraction wave. Learn what elements must conspire to create these beauties, and where to find them…

You will need to bring:

Clothing suitable for a UK winter’s day


Winter wetsuit, boots, hood. If you need these items, we can supply you with them.

Kites, board, harness.

If elements of the course demand it, you will be provided with a personal flotation device.

Dom Moore kitesurfing in waves in Cornwall
We study the best ways to approach waves in varying wind directions, and work through the common pitfalls.

Got questions?: 

Call Dom (that’s me!) on 07540 155123, or email, or leave a comment below.

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