Atlantic Expeditions: SUP Touring Experiences in Cornwall
Surf SUP: Wave Riding Tuition for Stand Up Paddlers

SUP experiences by Surf Sanctuary

Have you ever had a dream where you could fly? Well that sense of unbridled freedom is exactly what standup paddle boarding will bring into your life. SUPing develops a unique skill set that you keep forever, opening up quite literally, a world of adventure and good times and personal development.

SUP blends the worlds of paddle and surf sports creating limitless opportunities to enjoy the stunning coastline of Cornwall and beyond. It has been traced back thousands of years as one of the earliest forms of human propulsion, and in its modern guise can be as gentle or as challenging as you desire. Although people are now paddling inland lakes, we feel that to get the full experience, SUP is best done on the sea with all the sensations and sights that it brings.

As well as the pure thrill of learning a new and exciting sport, and the joy of interacting so peacefully with nature, standup paddle can have a profoundly relaxing effect on the mind of the busy modern human that continues well after the session has finished. It also rapidly improves the physical condition of the body in many ways: strength, endurance, balance, power, speed, coordination, and agility, in a way that is far more holistic (and less of a chore) than many ‘modern’ forms of exercise.

Your coach Dom Moore had his first taste of standup paddle on a ‘downwinder’ in Maui in 2006 and was an instant convert. In 2007 he began editing SUP International Magazine, putting him in contact with the world’s elite sup athletes and providing him with a deep understanding of the sport, which he continues to this day. In 2013 Dom won the combined sup and kitesurf event Legend of the Bay against a stacked field at Watergate Bay, and retained the coveted title again in formidable conditions in 2015.