SUP is sweeping the ocean

SUP is sweeping the ocean

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Quite literally. Sure it can make you look like a farmer’s wife with your bandy legged gait and busy stroking at the water surface, but I tell you what, it’s not going away. Some things are fads, like wave skis or surf kayaks, but SUP has real momentum. Boards have come down in size a lot since the first insurance three years ago (where upon 12ft was the defacto learner board) and now we’re looking at 9’6″ all-rounders that can paddle you along the coast, take you on a downwinder, or of course get you into the waves.

Expect more SUP updates this summer, not least because we are resurrecting SUP Mag for an issue or two, but also because I’m gonna get my hands on one again and triple my water time. For now, he’s a sweet shot of Rob Small, taken at South Fistral by me yesterday morning. Nice one Smalley!

Smalley lays back at South Fistral

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