Soul’d out!

Soul’d out!

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Cor, has it bean too weaks sensi last posted? I think it has.

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. We’ve got a new drysuit at Ocean Rodeo, it’s called the Soul. Unlike a regular drysuit which is baggy and makes you look like a Ghostbuster, the Soul is designed to look and feel like you’re wearing tailored snowboarding jacket and trousers. It’s made from breathable Gelanots and you just wear some thermals underneath. It takes about 30 seconds to get into it, or to take it off, and even has convenient fly zippers for when nature calls!

Dropping into a windy one at Fistral

Anyway, I got sent the only existing prototype from the guys in Canada so that I could obtain some GoPro footage and photos for promotional purposes. This was a very exciting task for me to be charged with, being as I love kitesurfing and GoPros so much. With the forecast showing only one day potentially yielding the holy trinity of surf, sun and wind, I had plenty of time to get all my gear ready.

Arriving at Watergate Bay car park, I was met with a huge blue expanse flecked with white caps and a delicious swell just ripe for the shredding. My friends Josh and Carl Coombes were gearing up for a session and I was thanking my luck that such a day was unfolding; I would be able to score some perfect footage!

On the sand I pumped up my 6m Razor, grabbed the surfboard and went to mount the GoPro into the lines for some aerial shots. I say went to, because the GoPro wasn’t in my drysuit pocket. Maybe it’s in the kite bag? Nope. OK, the 9m kite bag? Not there either. Ah, well what if I retrace my steps back to the car? Did that five times, so did Josh, and Carl, no camera. Panicking a little now, I drove home and scoured the house. Still no sign of the camera.

In resignation, I floated a post out onto Facebook asking people to keep an eye out for a lost GoPro camera at Watergate Bay. Within minutes, my phone was ringing. Watergate Bay Hotel were on the end of the line explaining that local kiter Andrew Keast had picked the camera up in the car park, took it home assuming it was his, then upon realising he now had a spare, took it to Newquay Police Station and called The Hotel to let them know. Fortunately, The Hotel staff were logged into Facecbook at that moment!

A couple of hours had passed since I was supposed to be on the water and Watergate Bay was now too full with the spring tide. Fistral it would have to be, and a rampy, bumpy seascape surging over the rocks at each end of the beach left little margin for error. One good thing was that the sun was now lower in the sky, giving some spectacular lighting.

I recorded about 20 minutes of footage, with some perfectly usable clips and grabbed a few photos too. The lesson today was one of more haste less speed; things related to the sea really have a way of teaching you to slow down as you approach the waves, for they have a way of smacking you back into place when you rush in. And thanks again to Andrew Keast for handing in my GoPro.

Laid back with the Soul suit

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