Photos of kiters in Newquay riding TWIN TIPS!

Photos of kiters in Newquay riding TWIN TIPS!

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Been a bit quiet on the bloggins of late, other than the typical (for this year anyway) clean, offshore surf, there’s not been a lot of action going on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy with clean, offshore surf, but I don’t know how many more times I can GoPro the same turn without it becoming rather dull. So I’m keeping the GoPro stowed away until we create something special with it, and we have a few ideas…

But for now, let’s go KITESURFING!

You really could see this rooster from the car park. Josh Coombes.

Yes, good old honest blue kitesurfing. Flat water, big winds, small boards, big airs, big spray, big dreams! Just as it was intended to be. Why you may ask, do I care so much about the plight of blue colar kitesurfing? Alright I’ll tell you: because I used to be a blue collar kitesurfer.

I don't know any more words for it other than 'boosting' or 'jumping'. Craig Smith

I can remember those days, the unceasing quest for ‘going big’; kitesurfers rightly enough never say they’re ‘going large’, though I think I’d like to see a resurgence of people ‘larging it’. Anyway, I haven’t ‘gone big’ on a twin tip for a long time, and to be honest, I had more fun taking the photos than I would have had I been out there.

Craig Smith fwangs his way into a clorophyl backdrop kiteloop

I know what it’s like when you’re boosting loads of airs (oh I did know another word for it) and you really wish someone had a camera there. There’s a lot of joy that can be spread around via photography, I think I’m looking forward to taking a lot more piccies of mates this summer.

The water in this photo is 1ft deep. Careful now!

The lure of ‘shooting the curl’ (getting close at times anyway) and to a lesser degree, the lack of suitable terrain for progressing comfortably on a twin tip meant I hung mine up for good sometime 18 months ago. I enjoyed those days, but for me, as I near the grand age of 34, I now see a broader spectrum of experiences ahead of me in the waves.

Whippersnappers love twin tips, Wham! Bars, XBOX360.

Craig and Josh here have got their kiteboarding youth ahead of them and are rightly so throwing themselves around like rag dolls whilst they’re young enough to not know any better. Good luck to them I say, I’ll keep taking the photos.

Captioned Kiteboat, just to see how that works in Google searches in months to come.

If you’re wondering about this location, yep, it is rather special for twin tippery. It works in a rather specific set of wind n tide conditions, but if you can figure out what the wind direction was today, and then look at the angle of the sun in relation to that, you’ll have a rough idae of the time that we were there. Then you can cross referrence that with a tide chart to see the state of tide required.

I’ll give you another clue: I walked home from this spot and was back in time for tea. So that should give you an idea of distance from my house. I think it’s pretty obvious where it is to anyone that’s ever driven to Newquay, but if you’re wondering about the conditions required, well I hope you have a little bit of fun finding out. Cheers!


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