One to one surf lessons in Newquay

One to one surf lessons in Newquay

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I wanted to let you all know that I am offering one-to-one surf coaching and video analysis for developing and intermediate surfers in the Newquay area.

Learn how to execute a top turn
Learning on the right kit is crucial to success

Most people have an enjoyable introduction to surfing in a group lesson on a foam surfboard. These lessons are great for catching that first ride and giving people the confidence to have a go themselves later on in their own time (between the black and white lifeguard flags).

However, as any surfer who has ‘made the journey’ will tell you, the learning curve soon flattens out and some big questions are asked:

1. How do I get past the white water?

2. What’s the best way to duck dive?

3. How do I go along the wave face and not straight down?

4. How do I start to make turns?

5. Why do I struggle to catch waves??

6. What is a floater / snap / cutback / reo and how on earth do I do them?

You on your next holiday?

People can get stuck in the ‘developing’ phase for months, but with the correct guidance, coaching and feedback, it is possible to blast through this frustrating stage and get right on track to really enjoying the freedom of surfing waves the way you want to.

There is one big secret to duck diving, and that’s sinking the TAIL first. Trust me it works!

If you, or someone you know, would like to book a lesson with me you can bring your own gear or use some of the excellent kit that I have here. I have boards for people looking to progress up from foamies, and also for people looking to get into riding shorter boards as they come down from mini-mals (if this jargon doesn’t make sense, just take it that I have the boards for the job:) )

Surf video coaching in Newquay
Mini mals and ‘big boy’ surfboards, video analysis and coaching support material accelerate the learning process during my coaching sessions

I use professional video analysis software so that we can go over your session whilst supping on a hot chocolate. Video coaching is widely considered to be one of the most powerful tools in a coach’s armory for getting their clients onto the next level.

Backside top turn
Learn what parts of the wave you need to hit to throw buckets

One-to-one lessons get you away from the crowds, you learn at your own pace and work out what it is YOU want to learn with me. My courses are relaxed and informal but structured and you should expect a rich and intensive learning experience.

£45 per hour – includes all equipment

07540 155123

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