Monster SUP, Mega SUP. Massive SUP...whatever you want to call it, it's one very big stand up paddle board and a ridiculous amount of fun!

Comfortably floating up to nine people, our MegairSUP (catchy brand name) is a huge inflatable board measuring 16' x 6'6" and has a deck so large you could play tennis on it. It is riotous fun in waves, loves a flat water cruise around the beaches of Newquay, or even serving as a transport and support vessel on a coasteer (we often dock it in one of the dark smuggler's lairs while we explore the caves). Basically, the possibilities are limitless.

Because everyone is on the same very massive board, the MegairSUP is great fun in conditions that would be too rough or tricky for regular paddle boards. Working as a team is less technical, less tiring, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, a lot more fun than paddling on your own 🙂

MegaSUP is great for families and groups; smaller kids and less physically inclined types can come along for the ride and don't need to be relied upon to paddle, and if anyone falls in, there's a team on board to help them get back on. Get in touch if you're interested; from our first go we were hooked and pretty certain it's just about the most fun you can have on the water!


Well firstly there's the MegairSUP, completely unique even amongst monster SUPs in that it's a staggering 6'6" wide (most of the others are 5' in width). Mercifully it will already be inflated by the time you arrive. Next, we take a load of paddles, sometimes one for each person, sometimes less if a couple of people want to share paddling (read: resting) duties. Then, everyone gets a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and crash helmet. If we're mixing it up with a coasteer you'll get boots too.


The MegairSUP requires a minimum of four people before it deems itself ready to launch. You can either book a voyage for your own private group or join in with an open group session. Just call for timings 🙂

Wave / flat water MegairSUP session: £35 per person
Coasteer and MegairSUP session: £45 per person