Mega day 5000

Mega day 5000

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This function of this post is more for a personal diary to remember a great day rather than saying anything particularly interesting, so apols in advance if it sounds a bit gushing/smug.

Sea level Cribbar view. Thanks to Tony Plant for this shot!

Surfed Cribbar with Smiler again this morning, third time in ten days. Had an inkling it would be on so restricted self to four pints in Red Lion last night. Awoke, fresh, Will Bennet was on the phone on his way to Crantock, had a message from Smiler saying Cribbar wasn’t on. Then, was all prepared for Crantock with Bennet when Smiler phones and gasps down the phone that he’s just seen a set break out there.

L-R: Milson, I, Smiler. Sucks to be Milson right now.


Don’t worry about Milson, he’s a tough old bird. In fact, these photos are from the other day, we had no photog today. Amyway, today Smiler and I paddled out, I was ahead, he paddled straight into position, didn’t even pause, spun the board round and stroked straight into the first Cribbar wave of the day. After that we rode two more each – the same waves, didn’t feel like dropping in though. Paddled back to shore around the dark side of the headland and climbed out via the eroded lifeboat slip. We wanted to explore the currents around that area.

Then, Ben Ridding phone up and said he was launching his dory, did I want to come fishing? No time for lunch, well, actually that’s a bit of a lie for inbetween Smiler and I went to see Gemm (Ben’s missus’s) dad Alby who was down in Perranporth for a longboard comp to order a gun for Smiler. The bugger’s ordered a board 1″ longer and 1/2″ wider than mine – sounds like wave thievery to me! 😉

Here’s a clip from the GoPro of the fishing fun today.

Fishing in Newquay


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