This two hour course is the choice for you if you have little or no experience of standup paddling. Here, you will be introduced to the board and paddle, and will learn about the fundamental paddling and control techniques, as well as essential stuff like proper launching and landing the SUP, self-recovery and understanding the effect that local conditions have on a session. At Surf Sanctuary, we don’t run our intro SUP lessons on a lake or enclosed water; we take you straight onto the sea as that’s where the sport was developed and where you paddle when you come to Cornwall. You will be immersed the exciting, dynamic ocean environment and quickly develop the relevant skills for a long life of safe, happy paddling. Whilst the Intro sessions are quite ‘cruisey’, expect your balance and senses to be challenged, and your feeling of accomplishment to soar through the roof. Intro SUP courses are available to anyone of the age of 14 who can swim 100m. Whilst we remain close to the shore in a sheltered sea state, there may be surface chop and small swell (unbroken waves); in our experience these are realistic conditions for first time paddlers with correct equipment under supervision of an experienced instructor.


One to one: £90 Two to one: £130 Three + : £60 per person


What do I need to bring? All boards, paddles, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and safety items are included in your lesson price. Just bring a towel for changing, some bathers to wear under the wetsuit and some snacks or packed lunch if you wish. Bring any medication you might need such as an asthma inhaler. Will I fall in? Not everyone does, but a lot of people do. After all, it’s why you’ve chosen to go paddle boarding instead of walking along a pier – for a bit of frisson and excitement outside of the norm! You’ll be wearing a wetsuit, will be attached to your board, buoyancy aids are available, and your instructor will be right alongside you to assist. Is it hard to stand up? That depends on the sea state on the day and your balance and fitness levels, but everyone should expect to enjoy at least some time standing upright on the board, paddling. Bear in mind though that the bumpier days are often the most fun, and the clients who fall off a few times in their first session are often the ones who become the most addicted. What if it’s too rough? Safety and enjoyment for our clients is paramount. Wind is a deciding factor; except for Elite SUP sessions we reschedule sessions when it’s blowing over 15mph. Unbroken swell itself isn’t an issue other than having a slight destabilising effect, but the shorebreak at the launch and land site needs to be safely navigable or we reschedule the session. Choppy water and bumpy seas are a reality and should not detract from your exhilaration ☺ Are the boards easy to carry? The boards weigh around 15kg, and have a carry handle in the middle of the deck so are actually quite comfortable to carry. We’re as close as you can get to the launch spots so transporting boards isn’t a big deal. How far out will we go? In the Intro SUP sessions, we stick pretty close to the launch and landing beach, and can venture a little further as your confidence grows. For the Adventure SUP and Elite SUP sessions, we establish distances and routes on a session by session basis.