Infinity Flow Surf Clinic, 28th April 2018

Infinity Flow Surf Clinic, 28th April 2018

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Course: Infinity Flow surf progression

Location: Surf Sanctuary at The Headland Hotel, Fistral Beach
Timings: 9-5, 28th April, 2018
Price: £120 per person
Coaches: Alan Stokes and Dom Moore

Hello crew, we're very excited to announce our first surf clinic for 2018, and it's something rather special and completely new - Infinity Flow with 3 x British Champion Alan Stokes and ISA Level 2 coach Dom Moore (that's me).

Infinity Flow is a unique day of surf coaching centred around Alan's 20 years of professional surfing experience and proven training methods. You will discover Alan's own 'Infinity Flow' movement mapping method, pro tips and tricks using dynamic movement training, as well as surf simulations, surf environment breakdowns and in water coaching.

Combining Stokesey's extensive competition and freesurfing experience with Dom's background in coaching across several ocean sports, the course has been developed to hack the surfing learning curve, offering expert advice whilst highlighting and breaking down bad habits that ultimately lead to poor performance. 

The program also dives into the science and psychological side of surfing, utilising Dom's Rule of Three's progression theory and Stress Inoculation training. Dom teaches how building, setting and evaluating specific goal driven tasks can be instrumental in raising performance. We also explore what the effects of surf related stress induced states are having on our psychological and physical condition.

This course is designed to equip surfers across a broad spectrum of abilities with skills and techniques that will stay with them for life and frame the way they approach their sessions. The content has been curated from Al's and Dom's decades of practical surfing and coaching experience in the UK and countless overseas locations and is completely unique in the surfing world. 

Infinity Flow is a great investment for surfers at all different stages in their journey, including aspiring beginners. Beginners must be able to paddle out and catch and ride a green faced wave. Likewise the course is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers looking to learn key physical and phycological techniques and training methods to improve performance.

Tl;Dr - 

  • Learn the universal fundamental for all surf manoeuvres
  • Discover functional movement patterns to improve power, agility and mobility 
  • Understand the psychological factors that affect surfing performance, and how to harness stress for improved results
  • Unlock the secrets of positioning in the surf and 'reading the water' 
  • Become your own coach: learn how to identify and set relevant goals so that no session is wasted, no matter how onshore!
  • See Al's complete quiver of boards and set ups and find out what designs work best in various conditions 

To book or for more information, call Dom on 07540 155123 or email


  • Can I rent equipment? Yes - we've got plenty of C Skins wetsuits and boards here; let us know if you're after a specific type of surfboard though. 
  • How good a surfer to I need to be? A desire to learn is more important than outright ability, though a minimum requirement is to be able to paddle out and catch a green wave in moderate surf. 
  • Where do I park? Free parking is available at the Headland Hotel where the course is run. 
  • Are there changing rooms? Yes - very nice ones, with showers too 🙂 
  • How do I reserve my place? Register your interest with us at the first opportunity to get pencilled in. Full payment is required 7 days in advance of the course. 
  • Do you take cards? Yep, all of them apart from Amex. 
  • What if it's the surf's too big / flat / windy? Right on our doorstep we have options for different beaches, but the main learning components are land based anyway. Regardless, we'll get you in the water in a safe and fun way. 
Surfers riding rented surfboards at Fistral Beach. Surf and wetsuit hire from Surf Sanctuary at Headland Hotel

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