In The Dog House! Cornish wave riding at its most feral

In The Dog House! Cornish wave riding at its most feral

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Here’s a video that Kristian Butler and I have been working on this winter. We filmed it over four sessions, which may not sound much, but it took eight full days to get those four sessions, and those eight days were spread over two months while we waited for things like sunlight, wind, direction of wind, waves, tides and time off to conspire.

It’s all quite different to knocking out a video from a two week holiday in the trade winds, and let it be noticed that the riding here is in four different locations around Cornwall too.

Yes we could have scored bigger waves, or even a session at our little reef break (the feckin’ place refused to play ball, despite repeat visits!) to really set it off, but I’m really proud of what we’ve got here. Of all the British kitesurf waveriding flicks posted online in the last, well, let’s say since time began, it’s easily the best because it is the only one. THE ONLY ONE! I’m not counting the GoPro edits or throw-away handicam footage (of which I have turned out plenty) but proper HD, shot from a tripod, by a guy who knows what he’s doing. A guy like Kristian.

Kristian had to suffer endless journeys trapped in the passenger seat of my car, chasing wind and swell, racing a watery January sun sinking lower in the sky, whilst Reb (the furry faced rascal who makes cameo appearances) sought to clean Kristian’s ears and gnaw his hands and breath fish breath over the pair of us. Kristian also had to endure my constant requests for tweaks, re-edits, splices, overlays and actually I have no idea what the last two are but you get the idea.

In The Dog House has been on-line for 24 hours now and notched up 1,200 views. That’s pretty good considering the most famous character in the video is probably the dog. Hopefully people are tuning in because amongst all the tropical stuff it’s nice to watch some action on your own turf for once, providing it’s well shot of course and Kristo did a fine job of that.

If you haven’t already, have a look at the vid and we’ll look out for the hit counter nudging up by one more!

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