I’m teaching everything I know about kitesurfing in a FREE clinic

I’m teaching everything I know about kitesurfing in a FREE clinic

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Clinic date: 28th-29th January, 2012

Clinic location: Newquay, Cornwall

Exactly one year ago today I stopped wasting valuable time in the gym and decided to start training properly for life in the surf. Since then, I’ve not had to pay any gym fees, step into any stinking changing rooms, wait my turn for a go on sweat-drenched equipment, suffer other gym users’ farts of excersion, or fill in tedious work out diaries. Instead, the beach is my locker room and the sea is my exclusive health club. But most importantly, I’ve never been fitter, never spent more time riding.

I can help you to find and put yourself in situations like this 😀

This extra fitness and water time has helped me build on my confidence, and this year I’ve seen and experienced the most impressive feats of nature in my fifteen years in the sea, and it’s all been in the UK. From huge bull seals swimming underneath me in crystal clear water to paddling into my best waves yet, to kiting into the biggest surf I’ve seen close up it’s been thrilling but it’s also been planned. Much of the joy comes from the planning, training and learning.

You can condition your body and mind for free, and prepare yourself for intense situations

On the weekend of January 28th – 29th 2012, I’m running a free surf-kite, fitness, and water confidence clinic aimed squarely at kitesurfers who want to build confidence and skills in the surf environment.  We’ll kitesurf when we can kitesurf, and train and cover theory when we can’t. Expect to be a better all-round kiter after the climic, we will cover the following areas plus a lot more:

  • Building formidable surf fitness and confidence, even when you can’t get to the sea
  • Improving your waveriding kite skills, making best use of the kite and board
  • Thriving under pressure and making a friend of fear
  • Become your own risk technician so you can spot hazards and escape routes at any location
  • Tuning your ‘kiting kit bag’ for the best performance in the surf environment
  • Surf psychology – respectfully getting the waves and space you want both at home and in new places

This is rain-or-shine, hell-or-highwater course but you will never be put in an uncomfortable situation. No matter what’s going on with the weather and sea, we’ll be able to use locations and techniques to practise the skills we need to cover. There are many different ways of approaching each learning point, and we’ll choose the best one for the day. The majority of the course will be run outside, in our wetsuits, whilst a couple of modules will be run inside in a calm, comfortable location. You can book your weekend away and be sure that you have something solid to look forward to at the end of January.

With your kite you can rule the ocean on the once in a lifetime days while others stay land locked on the beach

So there you have it. I’m running a clinic to cover all the unique information I have learned during my years as an editor, instructor trainer, kite tester and swell chaser. If you’ve ever been inspired by an article of mine you’ve read in the kite media, please consider that as just the tip of the iceberg…! Expect lots of info, stories, laughs and good times, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you in late January. Tight lines!

If you have questions

In the first instance, feel free to contact me direct on 07540 155123, dom@skyhooked.co.uk, or in the comments box below. If you want to continue reading, please do so as the more usually asked questions are covered below:

Your level of riding and ability

  • To enjoy this course, you would have intermediate kite skills and be able to do a toeside carve and ride upwind
  • You would be looking to build your confidence and skills in waves
  • You would be able to swim 100m and have no pressing health issues that would prevent physical activity
  • You do not need to be able to surf, but would have an interest in it

What you need to bring

  • Your kitesurfing equipment, and all the neoprene you usually where in winter
  • Bring a paddle-in surfboard if you have one, there’s always a chance of a clean wave down here
  • Clothing and footwear for January – it could be very bleak, but that’s part of the experience!
  • Any GoPros or camera equipment you want to record your experiences over the weekend
  • Some pocket money for lunch and dinner

Accommodation and location

  • Our great friends at Smarties Surf Lodge are laying on bunk style accommodation for £20 per person per night (you’ll only be sharing with other people on the course), or your own room for £40 per person per night
  • Healthy brekky is included in your stay at Smarties
  • Each morning we’ll meet at Smarties, assess the day’s conditions and agenda and then hit the beach
  • We’re walking distance to all beaches in Newquay, and 10 minutes in the car from Watergate
  • Healthy lunch and dinner options are plentiful in Newquay. Maybe bring some extra pocket money for a local ale or two in the evening!

Price and booking

  • The course is FREE!  To secure your place, call or mail me asap. I’m limiting the course to six places
  • Just pay either £20 or £40 per night for your accomm. at Smarties 01637 872391. Book for 27th and 28th Jan, say you’re on ‘Dom’s course’

Why am I doing this for free?

I love running courses. I’ve been doing them for years, from advanced tutorials at my old Skyhooked kite school through to BKSA instructor training courses via contributing to military resettlement courses with ocean based activities (taking 15 Gurkhas on a coasteer is something I’ll always remember). Running courses has been a mainstay of my career since I decided to ‘go it alone’ in late 2004.

The difference is now I don’t have to run courses for money. I’m not trying to have one over on you when I say I get a buzz out of running an action and information packed workshop to a bunch of enthusiastic individuals. I’m always hungry for new knowledge and researching different things myself, and when I can pass on my areas of expertise to people that that find it fascinating, it feels great.

9 Responses

  1. Tom Beaton

    If I wasnt away working at that time I would be well up for this! Sure it will be a great course worth attending!

  2. Dom Moore

    Thanks Tom, I’m hoping to make it a real success!

    Already booked this course up in the first evening, so I’ll be running another one soon after, maybe we can get you on that one fella.



  3. Tom Beaton

    That is a great success eh! 1 night!

  4. Kevin

    Hi Dom,

    I live in Durban, South Africa. Your approach hits a chord. Unlike you (it appears) I am a very average surfer/kitesurfer but love them to bits and try to do some exercise, eating etc with those sports in mind. My question to you is whether you have any info on your methods that you could share by email. I was in England and Wales last Xmass but will not make it back for awhile.


  5. Kevin

    ps. sorry and on improving. I really liked your way of showing how to gybe a stapless which I might try today. k

  6. Dom Moore

    Thanks for reading the site and your positive feedback Kevin, I hope you’ve been enjoying some good conditions lately!

    I’m planning to consolidate the information from the clinics and put them up on the blog; I’ll have photos and video snippets then too so should make for some engaging content.

    Glad you found the strapless gybe video helpful, once the weather here sorts itself out I can get more of those online.

    Sending stoke mate!


  7. Christian

    Hi again,
    I´d love to join your clinic – but live in Germany 🙁 What a great offer!
    I´ll be back in Cornwall in June or Sept…. hope to be able to meet you personally. Until then, I´ll study all the valuable information supplied on your site.
    Best regards, Christian

  8. Ian

    What a memorable weekend!!

    In 1976 I saw the cover of the Beach Boys Twenty Golden Greats, (Google it…) and knew I wanted to be a ‘surfer’. Growing up in Nottingham made this quite difficult. By way of skateboard, windsurfing, snowboarding and more recently kitesurfing, I have always kept that picture in mind, and today, Sunday 28 Jan 2012, some 36 years later I did it! I caught my first clean glassy green wave! Thanks to Dom.
    Sarah and I booked onto Dom’s clinic as soon as we saw it advertised, and are really glad we managed to get places! What a great weekend! As someone who has had a lifelong desire to surf, but never really managed it, it was great to hook up with likeminded kitesurfers and Dom and be introduced to surfing from a kiter’s perspective.
    Dom’s enthusiasm and boundless knowledge shone and everyone learnt loads in an enjoyable, well thought out weekend.
    It speaks volumes about Dom that he didn’t charge for this weekend, we would have gladly paid!
    Thanks again Dom. If anyone has the slightest interest in the surf side of our sport, we would highly recommend one of Dom’s weekends, if you can get a place on one!!

  9. Sarah Savage

    Having just returned from the first of these clinics, Ian and I would recommend anyone else attending subsequent clinics to watch the movie at http://www.oxbowatermenexperience.com/.

    It will give you a little taster on the vibe for the weekend. No wind doesn’t mean no fun in the water! There’s still tons to do and learn.

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