Want to lose 10lb of ugly fat without cutting off your head? Hill sprint!

Want to lose 10lb of ugly fat without cutting off your head? Hill sprint!

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I think I know five things that can make humans live longer and stronger.

I’m posting one mega life boosting tip a day for five days. I’m no fitness expert but sticking to a few truths has enabled me to reach the age of 35 at the same weight I was when I was 22. It’s really easy, let’s do ’em together

It’s probable and likely that each of us has learned something that a lot of other people don’t know.  To wit (I think that means so) over the next five days I’m writing five things I know to be true when it comes to making you live longer. How do I know I’m right? Answer: because I’ve tested them on myself, a lot. So (to wit) without any more buggering about, I give you the Hill Sprint.

– Want to lose weight fast?

– Need to get fit for that exhibition match?

– Just simply need to get fit?

Mate, you need the Hill Sprint. It’s really easy to do, and because you’re powering uphill against gravity, the impact on your joints and muscles is minimised, meaning you can give it all you’ve got without fear of injury. I believe that  the day after you do a set of five hill sprints, you will look in the mirror and see a different body looking back at you. In terms of time v.s. results, the hill spring is the best thing I’ve found. It works because it’s a real punisher and for that reason most people would rather carry on being slightly appalled by their own body rather than spend ten minutes twice a week kicking some serious calorific ass. Would you like to give them a try?

Here’s how you do it: 

– Find the steepest paved / tarmac’d hill in your town.

– Stand at the bottom of it.

– Sprint to the top, or if the hill is seemingly interminable, sprint up it for 70-90m.

– Walk back down, catch your breath as you go.

– Repeat five times. Fight the urge to vomit after the first four. Fight the urge to die after the fifth.

You can jog slowly home after your hill sprints. This is a good idea as it will help you work the lactic acid that has built up during the exercise out of your muscles. Other than that, I don’t have much to say; hill sprints are the single most effective way of burning fat, toning up your body and getting amazingly fit – when you factor time into the equation. Do them twice a week for a month and sound off in the comments below!!

OK so it's not up a hill, but I've been scrabbling under a cargo net and it's just as hecking knackering

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  1. Tim Brown

    Totally agree Dom, I’m pretty fortunate to live in spitting distance of the narliest hill I’ve ever seen. Its tarmaced and the signs urge drivers to engage 4 wheel drive to get up it. Normal vehicles are not permitted. Well I’ve started doing exactly what you say and its making a huge difference to my overall fitness and its doing it fast! I started on 5 reps, I’m now up to 6/7 depending on how close I am to falling over.

  2. Sly

    Right, I’m going to test this out, I’m road cycling loads at the moment in training for a mountain bike trip to the Alps at the end of July. I’m now going to add ‘Hill Sprints’ into my routine and I’ll let you know my findings….

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