Cornwall reef break kitesurfing video

Cornwall reef break kitesurfing video

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On Saturday just gone, Smiler, Will Bennet, Milson and I headed off to our usual spot for these conditions. Milson had to nip off after half-time (forced by a drop in the wind) and I lost my board AGAIN (2nd time running here) because I still haven’t sorted out a leash yet. You can see in the following video how easy it is to lose your board here. The difference is that you won’t be body dragging in after it because inside there is nought but huge jagged lumps of granite that would disembowel you and stove your head in.

I didn’t mind too much though because boards always seem to get washed up in the same place (I’ve done three here now in total) and you just need to body drag downwind and into the beach, put your kite down and run to the other side of the village, climb over a wall, scamper across some rocks, pick your way across the reef and fetch your board back. I’d also bought my video camera along just in case, so shot some footage from various angles as I made my way over to get my board.

This 2 and a bit minute rough edit was hacked away from about 10 minutes of footage. I’ve just trimmed the fat off the clips and muddled them about on the timeline but I think you can see what a lot of fun Smiler and Will are having here. This was a real bonus for this weekend because Friday delivered 6ft offshore conditions at Fistral Beach, and I’m writing this so that I remember it, I pulled into three barrels. (Didn’t make it out of any but so what!).

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