Cornwall Kitesurf Guide No. 8: Penhale

Cornwall Kitesurf Guide No. 8: Penhale

Big waves

Wave rating: 4/5

Flat water rating: 2/5

It's all going on at Penhale; big waves in a SW

Penhale is the huge stretch of sand to the north of Perranporth beach. Since kiting at Perranporth is banned, this is where you’ll head to. Park in the dunes car park at the Haven Holiday park and make sure you buy a ticket.

The walk back up the dunes after your sesh is an absolute killer; you’ll be at the top before you go trying to judge the wind speed so you don’t have to bring too much kit, or worse, leave the right kite in the car.

Big waves here, Penhale is a major swell catcher. I personally prefer surfing it, or kiting at Watergate because for some reason, Penhale is a real swine of a place to stay upwind at, at least that’s my experience. You can score long, big walls here, and once off low tide, you get some nice sheets of flat water on the inside for the twin tippers, though it’s also quite rippy.

Dodging a close-out at Penhale

Major doom awaits you if you go too far downwind on a South wind and crash your kite. Be sure to keep a marker on your position.


Absolutely massive beach at low tide. At high tide, you can still scrape a launch in a South wind. In onshores, I wouldn’t risk the high tide launch because of the uplift from the huge dunes.


South is cross-cross-off and pretty stable. Works round to West.


Perranporth has zones that are restricted, it’s a little bit complicated but if you stay up at Penhale, access the beach via the Haven Holiday Park and walk down the dunes, you’ll always be in the clear.

See the big sand patch in the grassy dunes? That's the path you access and leave by. Check the campsite at the top, that's where you park.

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