Cornwall Kitesurf Guide No. 4: Newquay Bay

Cornwall Kitesurf Guide No. 4: Newquay Bay

Chop and close out waves

Wave rating: 2/5

Flat water rating: 2/5

Kiting at Towan with Great Western in the background.

Newquay Bay is another one of those places where it is possible to kitesurf, but it wouldn’t make the top of anyone’s list. In its favour it works on any wind with North in it, and it is deserted during the wintertime and huge at low tide. From mid tide onwards, the beaches of Towan, Great Western, Tolcarne, Lusty Glaze and Porth become their own beaches and obvious hazards of rocks and headlands present themselves.

Tolcarne Beach is big at low tide, and only at low tide.

The waves are dreadful when it’s onshore, which is the only time you can kite here. Truthfully the only reason I kite here is because it’s on the way on a downwinder from Watergate to Fistral in a Northerly, though it can be interesting to sail whilst gazing up at the hotels and buildings of Newquay perched up on the cliff tops.

My advice is to only head to the Bay when you want to surf and it's blowing SW.


Get there a couple of hours before low to make sure you’ve got space to land. Huge sandy areas.


Anything with North in it is good for the Bay.


No kiting during lifeguarded hours. Outside of this, if it’s busy with water users (quite possible), go to Watergate, it will nearly always be better. Oh, don’t mess about near any boats.

Beaches l-r: Towan, Great Western, Tolcarne.

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