Winter surfing experiences at Surf Sanctuary

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The winter months are an excellent time to surf; you get more time, more waves, more space, and there’s a glow to your skin that stays with you the whole day. It’s closer to the frontier feeling you get from hiking mountains or cross-country skiing; it’s a very special feeling that really only a minority of people will experience.

Ocean Confidence Course: 6th-7th February 2016

The Ocean Confidence Course for kitesurfs, surfes and SUP’ers returns for 2016. Combining classic surfing knowledge and technique with proper sports science, this course will help you develop your knowledge, technique and fitness for the sports you love. Based in Newquay, 6th and 7th December, limited to six places.

Total Immersion Autumn 2015: Kitesurf Holiday (with a bit of SUP and Surf too)

Dates: 4th till 9th October Focus: Waveride kitesurfing, with SUP and surfing as back up activities Minimum skill requirements: Kitesurf – must be able to comfortably ride upwind and have a desire to learn to ride waves. Surf and SUP, … Read More

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