Can you kitesurf at Porthleven?

Can you kitesurf at Porthleven?

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You certainly can, you can windsurf there too, take a look at the video below that Mike Newman from Ocean Image shot of us yesterday. But before that, here’s a shot from Mike as printed in the Western Morning News:

A kitesurfer makes a botton turn in front of an emerald wall at Porthleven
I got no idea what’s happening in the Scillies. Bless the media, they always like to add a few meters on to the size of the surf but so long as they’re not falsely reporting winning lottery numbers I can live with it.

You could also kitesurf off Land’s End, Zorba’s Reef, and Seven Sisters Reef if you wanted to, but that doesn’t mean any of those spots, or Porthleven are going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Porthleven has probably the worst launch I’ve ever experienced, and coming back in to the launch spot after your session is similarly troubling. If you don’t come back in at the launch spot, you’ve got two choices:

1. Come in further down along the Loe Bar with your kit and take your chances getting shore-dumped on the rocks or thrown up against the cliffs.

2. Come in through the harbour without ANY of your kit (kites don’t fly in the harbour and chances are you’ll have just scraped yourself off the reef) and then climb out using the 30ft high set of rungs that are cemented into the harbour wall. Just pray your frozen winter grip doesn’t fail you near the top leaving you to fall on the dry granite slab below.

Oh sorry, I had promised you a video hadn’t I? Here it is!:

I don’t want to sound dramatic but it’s hard to over-exaggerate the speed at which things go wrong at Porthleven when you’re kiting. It’s not a closed-shop but if going for the first time, try and surf it before hand or at least watch it a few times and then go with someone else who regularly kites there. There’s one way in and one way out, and it’s not nice. Don’t go there if it’s onshore, there will certainly be better and safer places around.

Here’s a photo of a little momento I got from Porthleven a few years ago that I carry with me each day. This one went down to the bone and luckily stopped there.


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