Cracked ribs and kitesurfing

Cracked ribs and kitesurfing don’t go hand in hand, except for the fact that one can lead to the other, or, if you have one, at some point you’ll find yourself wondering when you can do the other. I cracked … Read More

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Thanks to Alfie again for these lifesaver shots! This is the right hander at Skaill Bay once again, and these are the smaller waves bending into the point. When I first rode out and went out the back, I saw … Read More

North Light #2
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Saw a glimpse of the Northern Lights yesterday and kitesurfed offshore Skaill Bay, a couple of firsts for me. The Northern Lights were quite faint, but you could clearly see the glow in the northern sky. I headed off to … Read More

North Light
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I’m not going to preface this post with ‘bah, it’s been a month since I posted!’ as I seem to be doing that every month. Maybe I should accept that it will be a post a month from now on. … Read More

Autumn, at last.
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Well, since we had an old school summer with all that sunshine and people wearing neon stuff, I thought we might be in for a classic September and a volley of hurricane swells for our delectation, but alas, we have … Read More

Ocean Rodeo Ignite
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This is my Ocean Rodeo Ignite drysuit review. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know it’s not often I write reviews, but after just a few days of ownership of the new Ignite, I feel need to … Read More

Festival Number 6: weekend of the year
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What what what? That’s what just about everyone I mentioned this festival to has said. Festival Number 6 is an eclectic music festival set in the surreal, enchanting village of Portmeirion in North Wales, at the edge of the Snowdonia … Read More

Gwenver: the other day off this summer
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***Little video with lovely music at the end of this post, scroll down for ‘im*** About three weeks ago I nipped off down west to Gwenvor beach (I’m mixing spellings for search engine optimisation), sitting as it does just north … Read More

Proto Autumn
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This has definitely been the best summer I’ve ever known, even better than the hazy childhood one of 1984  with my fluorescent socks and beloved BMX bike with mag wheels and pads. My mate Smiler reckons his dad predicted it … Read More

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As you may know, I’m running the fantastic Cornwall kitesurfing holiday Total Immersion this Autumn from 30th September till 4th October. Click the link for a full breakdown of what’s involved. Well, I’ve got some news to share with you re: … Read More

A Cornish SUP guide part 2: The River Fal
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Previous guide: The Newquay Bay The River Fal and Truro River An awesome standup paddle journey into the heart of Cornwall. Meandering rivers, magnificent ships and secluded woods culminating in a spectacular urban landing. Start: Loe Beach Finish: Truro (one … Read More

BlackBerry Q10 Blogger Test
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Got the new BlackBerry Q10 phone, the one with the physical keyboard. I edited a fair amount of the current issue of SUP Mag using this phone (check out the latest issue, which thanks to Kate is free of spelling … Read More

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