Standup paddle at Fistral Beach – multi terrain!

***Long Post, Scroll Down For Video*** Fistral Beach is one of the more swell exposed beaches in the country which makes it a great place for surfing on a daily basis, but historically, it hasn’t been a very versatile place … Read More

How long does it take to learn to surf?

This is a question I get asked a lot by clients, and I think it’s a fair one. Whenever I try something new I’m always keen to know how long it will be before I crack it! It is not … Read More

Surfing: why warm up and improve your physical and mental performance

In my experience of coaching surf and kite sports, everyone benefits from a warm up and cool down. A lot of surfers may not appear to have a warm up routine, but jogging down to the beach and slowly paddling … Read More

Sponsored Post: The North Face UK – Longer Days

If waiting for the weekend is a microevent, then waiting for the clocks to Spring forward (easy way to remember it!) is definitely a macroevent. Suddenly, there's time after work to get quick adventure fix; weekends seem so much longer; … Read More

Total Immersion 2014: The Cornish Kitesurfing Holiday
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Dear all! I am thrilled to bits to announce the new dates for Total Immersion, The Cornish Kitesurfing Holiday, designed from the ground up to give you the most fun and water time you can have in a week in … Read More

Surf Sanctuary at The Headland

Big news: Surf Sanctuary has new premises! We* are now proudly located at the peerless Headland Hotel, Fistral Beach. The school has a commanding view over Fistral and Little Fistral Beach, and the Atlantic waves are just meters away. The … Read More

The Granitarium: British Isles, Kitesurfing, Cold.

VIDEO BELOW AT END OF POST Earlier this winter (technically late last Autumn but winter started early for me) I went to Scotland with just Reb and a car full of kites and boards for company. As well as obtaining … Read More

A brief respite

The storms and seas let up a bit today so we all jumped in the vans and headed down to Porthleven. The wind was meant to be spot on for a cross-off kiting session and the sun was even supposed … Read More

Surf Sanctuary Reboot kitesurfing course

Hello crew! I am delighted to announce the new Reboot kitesurfing course. I have been carefully putting this together over the last few months and packed it with loads of stuff that kiters of different abilities and aspirations will find … Read More

Why I like a bigger kite in bigger surf

A very quick blog post and photo of a kitesurf session I had in Newquay on Sunday, when the swell was reading a paltry 4m at 15 seconds. Except for one quick session at Bantham, South Devon, I hadn’t had … Read More

The Great Surf Pilgrimage

Yesterday, on the 6th of January, the Hercules Storm arrived in Cornwall, bringing 20 ft swells with a 20 second swell period. Options for surfing were greatly reduced due to the overwhelming size of the swell, but some near-mythical gems … Read More

Getting back in the winter surf after a lay up

First of all, Happy New Year and thanks for reading this blog! Did you make any resolutions? I can see the point of view that one shouldn’t wait till the new year to make positive changes but I think there … Read More

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