Cornwall Kitesurf Guide No.2: Hawker’s Cove


Ultimate all-terrain with flat water bias

Head to Padstow and take the Crugmeer turning.

Low tide Hawker's, waiting for the lagoons to fill in

Wave rating: 2/5

Flat water rating: 5/5

Hawker’s Cove in the Camel Estuary is one of the most unique kitesurfing spots I’ve seen anywhere. On its day, it’s a real flat water paradise and the water can be as clear as any Egyptian lagoon; as you blast across the flats, look down and see the turbulence trails in the sand from the wake of your board.

You can sail and launch here at any state of tide, though pure low tide means a massive walk to the water and at high tide it’s not at its best. It’s during the middle of the tidal curve that all sorts of shallow lagoons appear, giving perfect flat water freestyle conditions. You can easily find a spot of water deep enough to try your most adventurous moves so it stays pretty safe.

Hawker's just before high tide. Thanks to Alex B for the pic.

An hour or so before it fills up completely, waves start breaking over sand bars near to the river. Although you wouldn’t exactly get pitted at Hawker’s Cove, on a windy day those walls are definitely worth a slap or two on the wave board.

Wakeskate action in a shallow lagoon


Another easy launch. At low tide, I suggest pumping up then walking down to the water’s edge, then self launching.


North and North East winds give classic conditions, as do South East winds. Anything with West in it or pure East is a real shocker so avoid.


During July and August, no kiting between 10am and 6pm in the Camel Estuary.

Low tide overview of Hawker's on the left, facing north. Access via the left hand corner.

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  1. derren

    great guide. heading to cornwall soon. Hawkers and daymer appear to be the same spot more or less. how does one decide which side of the estuary to set up on? Tide dependent? Cheers!

  2. Thanks Derren. It’s a question of wind direction – touch of west? Head to Daymer. East? Hawker’s. If it’s straight northerly doesn’t matter but they are a half hour drive from one another, so your proximity to each launch will be a deciding factor.

  3. Dano

    Amazing site Dom, thanks for the info makes being a newby bearable. I’m heading to Daymer and Hawkers in November whats the riding like then?

  4. Thanks for dropping by Dano, glad you’re finding the guide helpful! :)

    In November it can be hit and miss like anywhere, but if these northerly winds persist Hawker’s and Daymer will be very good. It’s usually dry and sunny but cold on a northerly in Cornwall.

    If it’s more north west, Daymer. More north east, Hawker’s. Daymer is best low tide till about an hour or two before high, Hakwer’s is best a couple hours off low onwards.

    Like all spots, best not to kite it alone, but if it’s on, most likely you’ll see other kiters there. Have fun!

  5. Great info Dom thanks!

    I’m staying right next to Daymer next week and it is looking like the wind will be predominantly SW to W all week. Are there any other flat water spots you are allowed to ride during the day in July nearby? Thanks for the info!

  6. Glad you’re finding the guide helpful Jason :)

    There’re no flat water spots close to Daymer that work in W or SW winds, but Marazion down by Penzance is good if you fancy a drive, and Par near St Austell is worth a sniff in a SW. Otherwise, if the swell is not that big (and I don’t expect it will be) check out Watergate Bay. When the swell is small, it’s a really fun freeride spot and the different ‘terrains’ are perfect for trying new things.

    Good winds!

  7. Ross

    Great guide Dom! Why are easterlies a no-no at Hawkers Cove? Is it due to gusts from the hill adjacent to Daymer’s Bay? The forecast for this wknd seems to have a bit of south in it. Will this be OK at Hawkers d’ya reckon?
    We’re staying at Crantock – sods law it’s easterlies all wknd. River Gannel perhaps?
    Cheers for the info…

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