Cornwall Kitesurf Guide No. 1: Daymer Bay


Ultimate all-terrain with wave bias

Head to Polzeath in North Cornwall and you won’t go gar wrong, it’s the beach just to the south.

Low tide Daymer. Check the small wave bending in and vast launch area.

Wave rating: 4/5

Flat water rating: 4/5

I would give Daymer Bay 5/5 on both scores if only it lingered around its magic tide heights a little longer. Finding flat water is pretty simple, just turn up at low tide. But there’s a magic hour when the waves on the point really turn on – to be honest, I don’t actually know when that is. I just turn up when people who know more tell me to. The wave can be very intense and get very big with a ‘Guru forecast of 3m at 12 seconds and beyond, generally it’s a bit smaller than the main beaches as it needs to ‘wrap in’, but beware as MONSTER sneaker sets will come through.

Tide's getting full, long convex waves are pushing in.

As ever, a low tide reccy will tell you what you need to know. The River Camel is deep, you cannot stand in it. As the sand covers with water, you’ll be able to stand a fair way from the shore.

As the bay fills right up, the wave continues to roll right into the beach – it’s very long – twenty turns on one wave or minute long rides are not exceptional. However, you will be doing a fair few cutbacks and it’s not steep all the way, but this really makes it perfectly suited for kitesurfing. A North West wind will allow you to make better use of it all through the tide, whereas a North possibly gives cleaner waves.

Brae Hill in the middle scene. To the right lurks a big wind shadow in a Northerly / North Westerly.

There are rocks close to the point so don’t f*** up there or you’ll be in trouble. The rips are horrendous and a lost board in a fast ebbing tide will be gone forever. There are bad wind shadows around Brae Hill, you’ll figure them out soon enough, but combined with Hawker’s Cove, Daymer Bay is certainly one of the best places I’ve ever kitesurfed, if not the best.


Bar a few rocks which are plainly visible, this is another huge, open launch at low tide. High tide can suffer wind shadows.


Head here in a North Westerly wind for a memorable day.


July and August, no kiting between 10am and 6pm.

Looking over to the beach at Daymer Bay from Hawker's Cove. That's the low tide River Camel.

Daymer Bay is the west facing deeper cut beach on the right of the channel. Hawker's Cove is the north facing beach on the left.

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  1. greg

    Disscovered this place by accident taking photos in padstow and took me some finding being from derbyshire my local knowledge was nill, been wind surfing all over the planet, west cost of oz takes some beating however this place rocks [sorry for the pun] the waves just rap round the couner in daymer bay and give a ride to remember. so pleased this place in getting some recognition been back3 yrs on the trot and will be going back again. ps top site.

  2. Greg great to read your comment and thanks for posting fella! Sorry it took me so long to reply!

    I agree, Daymer when it’s on can be world class, it’s a very special place. Check out for some cracking images of surfing, kiting and windsurfing here.

    Be sure to let me know if there are any beaches you want to know about in Cornwall and I’ll get the info up here.

    All the best,


  3. Christian

    Hi Greg,
    I´ve come from Germany to Cornwall for kitesurfing now 2 times (vacation), and also enjoyed Daymer Bay once (only, unfortunately). I hope to return many times in the future.
    You´re a very lucky man to live in that area!
    Thanks for all your efforts with spot guide and blog, it´s just great. By reading through it and looking at your nice pictures, I feel back in Cornwall at once.
    Wonder that I didn´t discover your site earlier.
    Regards, Christian

  4. Hey Christian,

    Thanks for reading the blog, I’m glad that you are enjoying it! Cornwall is a pretty special place and we do feel privileged to live here. Be sure to drop me a line if you ever visit again.

    Good winds!


  5. Shane

    Hi Dom,

    I’m renovating an old wooden yacht up in wadebridge when ever I get the time (I live nr hayling Island) and really hoping to catch this spot working in the next week when i’m down – it looks sweet!
    Cheers so much for the spot guide – really helps with the exploration!

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