Big Wave Boot Camp #BWBC

Big Wave Boot Camp #BWBC

I am delighted to announce the surfer’s Big Wave Boot Camp, a practical approach to surfing big (or bigger) waves with a European focus. This course combines ocean based and indoor training to help you ‘step up’ to meet the challenges of bigger surf. If you have a surf trip booked that you want to prepare for, have your eye on larger waves at home, or just want to learn about the world of larger surf, then this is the course for you!

Cornish surfer Rob Small drops into a huge wave at La Santa point, Lanzarote. He is co presenting the UK's first big wave training course
I have teamed up with UK big wave luminary Rob Small to run the Big Wave Boot Camp. Here’s Smally showing that proper drills clear the way for big thrills! La Santa, Lanzarote.
Rob Small big wave bootcamp SUP
SUP surfers are welcome on the Big Wave Boot Camp. Here’s Smally demonstrating some versatility under an Atlantic overhang

Location: Crantock, nr Newquay, Cornwall

Date: 13th / 14th April 2013

Duration: 13th – 9.00am – 5pm. 14th – 9.00am – 1pm.

Cost: £160 per person

Crantock Beach and the surrounding area are the perfect bigger wave training ground. Because of the versatility of the beach and the River Gannel flowing out to sea, you can safely recreate all the key elements of a big wave surf zone. Surf coaching from Crantock Beach is exclusive to Rob Small (owner of Crantock Bay Surf School) whom I have teamed up with to run this course – more on Rob in a bit. The theoretical elements of the course will be run in the warm sanctuary of the Cornishman pub, close by in Crantock Village.

A surfer stands on the shore with a big wave surfboard under his arm
Big wave guns are commonplace in many parts of the world. We’ll get you paddling and handling these magnificent boards

This course is for: 

Big Wave Boot Camp is for surfers who want a totally involving introduction to larger surf. If you have some water time under your belt and would like to punch through to the next level, you should get a lot out of this. Similarly, if you would like to fast-track your understanding and ability in waves larger than you have tackled before, I would encourage you to get in touch.

A note on what we mean by big waves: Big surf is relative to the individual, if the biggest surf you have experienced is 3ft, then 6ft will seem big! You don’t need to be charging huge waves already, just be able to surf green waves comfortably and have a strong desire to learn. Any questions about suitability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Hug swell lines come into a beach. Houses on the shore show how big the waves are
You’ve got off the plane and are greeted with this sight…what now skipper?

Course breakdown: 

There will be two thorough ocean based elements to the course – one each day, plus beach drills and classroom modules. We will optimise your experience in the water according to the weekend’s conditions:

– Big wave board handling and paddling (all big wave boards are supplied by us, but feel free to bring your own if you have one)

– Big wave mechanics

– Deciphering charts and forecasts: how to know if spot X will turn on!

– Moving around and thriving in the larger surf zone

– Techniques for surfing larger waves

– Mapping out a big wave spot

– Big wave equipment considerations

– Emergency scenarios: what to do when it all comes down!

– Big wave training preparation: stuff you can do at home, in and out of the water, to prepare

– Solidarity with your fellow bigger wave surfers

– Having lots of fun and laughs with like minded people on the UK’s first big wave training course

Two surfers paddle out using a rip current
We’ll show you how to use rip currents and water flow to move safely around the surf area


There are physical elements to this course such as board skills and on land training exercises specific to larger surf, and of course surfing if the waves are there, but you will never be coerced into a situation you are uncomfortable with, and will be able to ‘tap out’ at any time. Being able to comfortably paddle a surf board is a pre-requisite.

In the classroom, we’ll be covering oceanography, meteorology, and examining various larger surf emergency scenarios. All this is done in layman’s terms in an informal way with plenty of time for Q&A.

A surfer in a wetsuit drops into a cold, crumbling wave in Cornwall
Not going travelling? The UK coast is alive with bigger surf breaks; we’ll show you how to mount a campaign to tackle them

A word on Smally: 

For the Big Wave Boot Camp I am stoked10 to be teaming up one of the seminal UK big wave surfers, Rob Small. Over the years I’ve taken plenty of mentoring and advice from Rob and can say he is he most influential surfer I’ve met.

Behind every motivated waterman is a flaming gallah of a dog. Rob Small will be co-presenting the course with me over the weekend.

Renowned surfer, paddler, and tow surfer, Rob started surfing in the ‘70s in his native Cornwall. For kids like Rob and his mates, surfing to them was like skiing to the Scandinavians; a natural part of living life and it’s that ingrained, instinctive knowledge of the ocean mixed with his professional, technical approach to surfing that Rob brings to this course.

Rob’s professional competitive career kicked off in ’85 during the boom of UK surfing, before he transitioned to professional freesurfing in ’95, which he still pursues to this day. Highlights along the way include being the first European surfer to be invited to an International big wave even at Big Wave Africa, Cape Town in ’02, stunt-doubling for Ewan McGregor in ’94’s Blue Juice, first surfer of the modern age to charge the Cribbar in the early ’90’s, and continually pioneering big wave surfing in the Canary Islands. Although Rob performs in all surf conditions it’s when most of the other guys don’t want to go in the water that he comes into his own…

A surfer drops into a big heavy wave with a mountain of white water chasing them don
Smally dropping into another Atlantic lunker…we can help you prepare for when it’s your turn to go!

Hopefully from reading this blog you’ll have an idea of my background, but just to prove my heritage, here’s a picture of me with my complete wally of a dog…

Me and Reb (right) during a daily eyeball surf check at Fistral Beach
Dom Moore Surf Sanctuary Big Wave Bootcam
Here’s me, Dom, giving it a bash and hopefully suggesting to you that I don’t just type but surf too

You will need to bring: 

Clothing suitable for a spring day in the UK (anything can happen!)


Appropriate wetsuit, boots and hood if you wear them in April


Any recording equipment such as waterproof POV cameras, DSLRs and so on

We will provide any safety equipment if required

Got questions?:

Call Dom on 07540 155123, email or leave a comment below. Cheers!



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