Big Wave Boot Camp: “Am I ready for it?”

Big Wave Boot Camp: “Am I ready for it?”

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***Scroll down for a video of surfing the Cribbar and other bombs around Newquay!***

As you may know, Rob Small and I are running the Big Wave Boot Camp weekend on 13th-14th April at Crantock Beach, Cornwall.

The event has generated a lot of interest, and also a lot of questions from folk asking ‘Do I have to be able to surf big waves?’ , ‘How do I know if I am ready?’ and similar questions relating to entry level requirements. I hope I can clear these questions up for you now, and also leave you with a little teaser video of what you will be setting yourself up for by joining us for the weekend.

Dom Moore riding the Cribbar, Newquay
Taking off at The Cribbar, Saturday 30th March. Thanks to Ron Smith for the pic.

If you have messaged be with a question about whether you are ready to join on to the course, I would suggest that you ARE. The #BWBC is not for surfers who are already charging the bigger waves around, but for the surfers that want to set off on the path to riding those waves. Your journey will be different from the next person’s; you may aim to be charging 8ft Little Fistral this coming Autumn, whilst the other guy might want to get to that level in a couple of years.

I think of it like this: going on the #BWBC will give you the tools and techniques you need to step it up in bigger surf. That doesn’t mean that you need to go and book a flight to Lanzarote the weekend after, but rather once you have the tools and techniques you can take your own time getting familiar with them so that you can use them instinctively.

Riding Newquay's Cribbar wave
When the swells come, where do you want to be watching them from?

On the weekend itself Rob and I won’t be pushing people into waves they want no part of, though I expect you will look at the ocean in a different way by the end of it. Charging bigger surf requires a game plan, preparation, training and the right philosophy. Sure anyone can leap off the rocks and give it a bash, but also, any fool can suffer. People who prepare and take the time to understand what’s required pick off the set waves and enjoy the thrill of their best rides of the year, whilst those that just ‘give it a bash’ often end up getting pummelled for a couple of hours without much success.

As ever, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and here is the video below:

N.b. Please select 1080p mode and TURN IT UP LOUD!



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