Cornwall Spot Guide No. 9: Gwithian

Cornwall Spot Guide No. 9: Gwithian

Left hand bombers!

Wave rating: 5/5

Flat water rating: 2/5

Doing this as a three part post featuring Gwithian, Mexico’s and The Bluff. I tend to head here in the winter and late autumn. From July to September, the best part of this beach is off limits: north of the large rock on the  beach.

Gwithian is part of the large Hayle Sands beach that runs from Godrevy to St. Ives. It’s named after an ancient Celtic princess called Gwythyan and it feels like a mystical sort of place.

A summer evening swell pumps at Gwithian

Quite a swell catcher, on a South to South West wind a bombing left-hander rattles across the bay requiring you to hit it at warp speed to make the sections. Gets quite hollow and rather mean on occasion. On days with a bit of West in them, Gwithian still holds a bit of shape but you may be better off at Mexico’s.

A top turn on a left-hander at Gwee-Land

If you are feeling adventurous, you can work your way out to the reefs that lie offshore by the lighthouse. Go with at least two other kiters though, you’ll be so far out to sea your kite won’t be visible from shore.

Sillsy eyeing up the next innocent section


I kite here around the low tide mark and clear off before it pushes in, cutting Gwithian off from Godrevy beach. Like this, there’s always loads of space.


South is cross off from the left, can be very up and down. South West is cross shore and more consistent. People kite here in a Northerly and North West.


11th July to 7th September between 10am and 6pm, no kiting at Gwithian (or Godrevy) north of the big rock pile on the beach. If in doubt, ask the lifeguards as they’ll be there at this time.

Godrevy is the deeper beach at the top, Gwithian is the lower beach. Stay south of the marked rocks during lifeguard hours.

NEXT GUIDE: Mexico’s

4 Responses

  1. Ben

    Hi dom
    I’m heading down to Gwithian next week I’m still new to kitesufeing but have been kiting on land for 2 years so have good kite skills are there any currants I should be aware. I will be staying at the end where the river Hayle comes out. Was hoping to get some flat water but looks like I would have to go to Padstow for that

  2. Dom Moore

    Hi Ben

    Always currents on the beaches in Cornwall, strongest mid tide so gen up on your rule of twelfths if you’ve not checked it for a while. That said, they aren’t necessarily brutal but the tides are significant in Cornwall as you know. Hayle is the flat water spot – catch it on a dropping tide and you’ll be laughing. If you haven’t already got a pass or KKC membership, nip into Lodey Sails in Marazion to get your year pass (required for Bluff), gives you free parking in the pub car park too…

  3. Ben

    Will have a look at the bluff but I’m still noob to kitesufeing I don’t mind currents as log as I don’t lose my board

    Hoping to use sea near the mouth just down from the site depending on how much time I can get Want to have a look at the spots buy Padstow that look epic
    Thanks for the help m8 and the gr8 site

  4. Dom Moore

    You’re welcome Ben. Up late so thought I would reply – watch the dropping tide around Padstow spots (Hawkers and Daymer); once a lost board goes past a certain point it’s gone. Handy thing is with the Bluff that a lost board will go out to sea a bit and then come back in with the surf along a nice sandy beach.

    Have fun, looks like nice wind on the way.

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